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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

lunedì 13 aprile 2015


Sicily from the day on which he was to set foot in this wonderful land and 'RAPED, robbed, colonized AND TREATED BY LATRINE D' ITALY.

The fault lies with the Sicilian people that has always suffered and endured for centuries used to be under foreign conquest and colonization resigned to the knowledge that nothing will improve this harsh land, hard but still beautiful.

Sicilian politics and 'the armed hand of the decline and this havoc plaguing the island since the days when the Mis: Movement for the Independence of Sicily Canepa tried to ask for rights being stifled by Ascari sold in Rome.

The Praetorians of 'Ars Siciliano for many years the same rated by these people who like autoinfliggersi wounds and deny the future for their children have always occupied their cocks!

Cuffaro, Lombard, Crocetta, Genovese are just some of the Praetorians stragarande majority of which should be expelled from the island to the disasters made not before giving confiscated goods.

A central government and Romano that always spits on the Island from right to left through the center, all to be condemned.

What do you want more 'the Sicilian people to wake up and what he wants more' Roman despot to stop this massacre the blood of the Sicilians?

Europe was supposed to be a time of redemption Island and instead explained to all bureaucrats Parliament foreigner Island can 'be used as a latrine to collect desperate as us from the Mediterranean world, who are exploited by international crime and the underworld red cooperatives that do business at the expense of the Sicilians and the desperate Middle East.

Our Praetorians are unable even as Crocetta that while 'was a deputy European Europeans spend the money to fill a gap that now' hopeless and incurable.

We are last in Italy and in Europe, with a GDP of the third world and structures from the Third World and a Default Economic scary.

Berlusconi and Renzi, Right, Center and Left in recent years have done nothing but humiliate this earth behaving Emperors who use our island as a basement of the country.

As you wanted to pretend that Lombardo and Crocetta were imposed on the issue Muos?

The Island has infrastructure, health 'and work to third world; I want to remember that after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Germany 'was able in just 10 years to bridge the gap between East and West Land making a resource not only economic but also cultural.

Rape of recent years is unprecedented, starting from oil drilling given away to lobby foreign oil and a few political family Sicilian without a single benefit will be the Sicilian people just like a real colony. Royalty ridiculous given away Cmq State, DRILLING that disfigure the only wealth of the island landscape and tourism (I still remember the intelligent Passera which allowed to drill under five miles, giving a fantastic show to tourists).

Then we went to the break of continuity 'territorial by first European with then Berlusconi government that allowed the suppression of the Berlin - Palermo - Malta and its cancellation of the project Ponte Strait where the manager then Pacifiers 8sempre him) and Impregilo have made the operation cost 500 million Euro grant to Italy

Then we moved on to subtraction clumsy funds Fas works intended for the North.

Until you get to that yesterday with Renzi with Trains-Italy has in fact made the old project Independence Siciliano and that means 'make the Island without Uninterrupted Power Supply' territorial with its suppression of the ferries and trains to the continent, forcing hundreds from June Families to go in this shit continent perhaps late at night going to walk away from a train Cattle truck to a ferry perhaps with children and suitcases in tow.

Yes, because the trains Sicilians are the refuse of the country, are like cattle cars that trains Italy also employs reluctantly island 'cause the people Siciliano can' walk, so that to do with a train Palermo-Messina-Catania trafficking in 2000 gone by time (the trains to a single track) serve 12 hours as it takes to go to Australia by plane.

The last case and 'that of' Autostrada Siciliana built with cement and consequently weakened and fortunately no casualties with the collapse of a pylon between Palermo and Catania as a dividend in the year one thousand Island into two (Highway 1975 with responsible ' Anas Pacifiers always that to which the Judiciary should pay more attention in many cases).
Not to mention the bridge fell into the new Palermo-Agrigento is opened a few months ago 'after testing too thankfully no deaths and where "Company and Anas knew"

The Island of fact and went back through the centuries and 'divided Europe, Italy and also in two! without any Pretoriano Ars has to say anything for fear of losing the seat since Renzi keeps everyone by the balls.

Moving from west to east and 'impossible unless you face to mule donkey.

We do not speak of highways or what remains the Catania Messina and Palermo Messsina are now one-lane road with tunnels off and banned for life on the bike on pain of death.

So we peggi of when the Americans landed to liberate us.

A country and an island if they are shit, so are 'cause its components behave within the institutions of shit, of course you can not' expect a Lombardo Veneto or is integral with a Sicilian Region and that 'in default for more than 6 billion euro, which is unable to close the budget until after Renzi has tight balls of Crocetta.

An island that has the most number 'numerous of Public Employees and executives of the country and that has not even been able to do in the Provinces Spending Review (gun battle Crocetta that if he had any sense of responsibility' would resign)

It 'true that art. 37 of the Statute disapplied from Rome states that whoever produces the island although it has tax residence elsewhere should reverse the fees to the Sicilians, what ever happened, it has not 'justification.

But it 's also true that the special statute' was the most 'great mischief, as practiced by Rome after Canepa out to scuttle the Sicilians and allow Ascari as Alessi and today in many Italian and European Parliamentarians Siciliani of fottersene with the regional and get only their dicks.

The Constitution and By 'was a disaster and should be abolished immediately to not allow Praetorians Ars abuse it yet.

So dear Siciliani Italy and the country 'late but we are worse and ask for a referendum for independence of the island is not' so 'bad idea, considering the holds constitutional and international law on self-determination of the people exploited and oppressed .

Not before, however, 'that he sent home democratically Praetorians those who for decades Ars make their dicks not after having seized goods.

Sure you could point to some Chairman of good will but in the midst of wolves of Rome and Sicily is likely to be eaten, however today the ONLY THAT COULD as seen from my person and 'On. Nello Musumeci that I have in the previous application opposed.

That the country knows everything but 'that the Sicilians are Executioners' cause they do not have the courage to change the things they are also in fact the only victims of this massacre.

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