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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 1 maggio 2015

Far West Italian colony of the United States with Europe and duplicitous. The real Italian political history without the knowledge of Italian. Why 'Renzi and former Leader

When Italy lost the Second World War the United States have always considered something of Cologne which impose Leader and attenzionare with little faith seen as the duplicitous behavior of the Italian people who always jumps on the bandwagon after disavowed the previous leader.

In times of Cold War agreements and secret negotiations have taken place in order to remedy the advance of Communism.

It 'clear that the difference with Germany even though he lost the Second World War and' substantial difference 'that they have lost and betrayed.

We are a country that is not reliable easily fall by personal interests.

Germany, France and England are countries in which real democratic controls the sovereign people.

Italy it 's never been a Republic of the sovereign people but' a colony that is based on the secrets and the interference of the US and Europe today.

Italy and 'an occupied nation resting on Italians who prestono easily betrayal becoming doormats of the US and European bureaucrats in exchange for an armchair and personal interests.

Think they can change this situation and 'illusory there is no chance' democratic and undemocratic to change the tables.

To change things that should the People Politician had a feeling of country and service to the people and that the US would end of treat us like a colony now imposing this Leder over another.

We should have the balls of Greece that although small does not bend to external power demonstrating at least a sense of self-protection.

The real problem 'that the US considers today's Italy (once the Cold War), a territory on which you can experience systems and Institutional Management at will, using it as a weapon in our country within the European system, this explains why 'Europe is watching us warily.

We started with the collapse of the First Republic, and if we want instantly and sudden.

The collapse and 'was wanted by the US and a number of circumstances led to the only power which at that time lent itself to the interests of many stakeholders and that' Berlusconi.

The cycle and 'always to every 10-20 you have to change everything and this is available on the US with the approval of Israel and Europe.

The system reforms InPlace from Europe to all European countries and Italy with the famous letter of the ECB was an order to execute this order, unlike the other countries and was brokered by the US and European tempering US interests that have made our country a fertile territory for any kind of experimentation on Labour and Social Security.

Remove pseudosinistroidi rights, make the country insecure, create social disorder and 'useful at all especially if you can not keep under control the whole.

After Monti who mediated Cheap US and European interests you and 'it switched to Letta ending to a Renzi last trials.

Prove that any idiot who responds to outside interests can 'govern a country like Italy and' umilinate for us people.

Italy and 'also it served as the testing of springs Mediterranean paradoxically.

The real problem 'that there is not a politician and that' could not so much to oppose a superpower but at least to bargain on equal terms.

Yet so often have a day by Leone and 'best of 1000 by sheep, even if you do the order to Mattei.

The last masterpiece 'was to take possession of what is left of the left in Europe more' conservative and that 'the Italian.

To do this it acts very much Use, pulling out dossier (MPS) on the various flaws and imposes new US proconsul that 'Renzi.

Berlusconi has failed and 'been a total failure failing to create that small oligarchy controlled the US and Europe, which however is succeeding in a very easy-going and if we want to jack ass to Renzi.

Create a country manipulated, no rights for workers and 'can control with RFID as the sheep, break down Isttituzione and the Constitution, making it unsafe a fertile territory for business of all kinds and' a work of art by McCain

In exchange for the possibility 'for this Oligarchy freedom' to do their own business and their friends always obeying the real masters abroad.

South Stream and 'one of the last examples of this system of external power that is' well taken possession of the best strategic resources Italian.

In all this the last of the Mohicans and 'was partly found on the course and partly autoproposto will void the too moderate Letta.

Many wonder who exists behind Renzi! easy ones playing with Grillo and all the others.

Needless to put inside the cauldron too many things that make all guilty and nobody guilty as Freemasonry, Zionism, use, mafia etc etc.

Reality 'and' more 'simple than it seems a small part of the US government in this case Obama in foreign policy deals with many countries in this case Italy and establishes strategies without taking into cosider the Nation agreement as People. Just remember the dispatches Ambassadorial use of Wikipedia who considered Berlusconi ecogentrico a pimp and the other ridiculous.

Renzi and 'was the latest game set within the last party of the European left an infiltrator.

Michael Ledeen is today one of the masterminds of the foreign policy of the Secretary of the Democratic Party Matteo Renzi.

Ledeen was the mastermind of the aggressive strategy in the Cold War era of Ronald Reagan, was the mastermind of the death squads in Nicaragua, he was a consultant of the Earthquakes in the years of the strategy of tension, it has been one of the masterminds of the war on terror promoted by ' Bush administration, as well as theoretical of the Iraq war and the potential war with Iran, has been one of the consultants of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The signs were so many visits to Berlusconi from those in the not Suspected as was also to secure the future collaboration of Ledeen that the then president of the Province of Florence in 2007 he went to the US State Department for an unexplained tour.

In this direction they are also the economic guru of Renzi, Yoram Gutgeld, and his chief political consultant, Mark Carras, both many neighbors in Israel. Driveways has even own interests in Israel, where she specializes in venture capital and new technologies. Finally, the suppoter fer Marco Bernabe has strong ties with Tel Aviv, through the hedge fund and Wadi Ventures, whose father, Franco, until a few years ago was grim guardian of Mediterranean backbone networks that connect Italy to Israel.

But the issue is not limited to these names the games are huge and in this Italicum and 'the last of the moves ordered by these powers.

The country 'virtually Democratic and Republican, in fact and' fallen to a mere colony of higher interests and nothing you can 'do but be aware of this system and that there are statesmen like Berlusconi, Monti, Letta and Renzi that no country or vorrebe people ever have.

Remember the Italian political and not 'never managed to solve one of the problems present always expects both the World and the other to exit the crisis accodandosi paradoxically could be without a government and a leader, and the system would work the same.

Better engage in Political Marketing Use as supporting a Republican Marco Rubio perhaps will respect 'best Italian Obama.

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