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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

martedì 5 maggio 2015

General evidence of a threat to Democracy Dictatorship Italian: Renzi and 'approved Italicum. Where you want to end up? Danger for Europe?

Italy has a strange propensity to forget the past.

Let's see how you and 'received by the dictatorship of Fascism:

As prime minister, the first years of Mussolini (1922-1925) were marked by a coalition government, composed of nationalist, liberal and popular, that did not take up the murder of Matteotti real dictatorial connotations.

From 1925 until the mid-thirties fascism he met only opposition underground and conspiratorial, driven largely by anarchists like Errico Malatesta.

One of the first acts of the government Mussolini was a radical school reform carried out by the Minister Giovanni Gentile in 1923: this included a classical education and an examination at the end of each study cycle, putting in this way equate public and private schools.

Monopoly of the media.

Presence of a single party, the bearer of this ideology, which exercises absolute authority under the guidance of a head and a small number of people.

We come to the present and let us focus on some specific points, some points we are interested in examining.

Consider what the present day and 'was defined by some newspapers Reform P2.

1) Reform of the Constitution.

2) Abolition of the Senate (Only representatives of the regions and of the major parties).

3) Law Italicum that locks down the bipolar oligarchic.

In practice this reform defined by some years of P2 thanks to Renzi and 'now in its conclusion.

We have tried so many to carry it out and even the great Berlusconi and 'failed.

But what has this mutation of dangerous structural institutions Italian?

In fact you and 'it created a monster, a government with a Leader in this case that Renzi has absolute power in a kind of presidential system.

This means that according to the present Establishment of Parliamentary Law if the Leader performs acts and completes acts that are incompatible with existing institutions mistrust that could be given by the two chambers would be impossible to implement in a kind of dictatorship.

In fact, the Senate could not impeach the Leader 'cause he did mere function of consultation and the room that has the power to impeach the leader comes from a majority created by the monster dell'Italicum and therefore did not sfiducerebbe never their leader.

Watch out for a country like Italy have created this monster and 'very dangerous! have shocked the Constitutional Law and Parliamentary and 'source of Dictatorship especially for a country that is a dictatorship.
Also for Europe and 'a very high risk to have a country in which democracy and' weak and that can 'turn into a dangerous virus of dictatorship.

However the problem is not 'even the modus operand' cause the game and 'done.

Certain species do know that Napolitano and Mattarella are complicit in this scenario rather promoters, it is not clear on what principle a European Democracy must see approved an electoral law and what was done above:

1) Shots Trust

2) Vote Secret

3) Without the more 'broad participation of the sovereign people or Partititi who left the classroom also part of the PD.


I'm surprised that the President Mattarella not say anything, that the papers do not say anything that Europe does not say anything.

And there 'nothing Democratic in this approach except perhaps raping the rules of Parliament.


No you can '   more 'impeach the Leader or Head of Government as already' mentioned above, and a room 'and the other consultative and consists of a majority premium disproportionate and an armored list.

"Shit" that French Democracy or Americana.

All that remains for historians to try to understand who and 'the hand that immediately after the First Republic to have tried to carry through this reform? for the last 20 years they had tried with Berlusconi and others to succeed and eventually they succeeded with a non-elected!

No 'it was the fact that Europe has only dictated their terms.

Europe has said that what interested him to be realized and are not touched, leaving full freedom 'to this "monster" fi to Italy and the Italians what you want.

In the last ten years and 'we talked about reforms for Labour and Social Welfare in reality' Italian politics is not 'never been able or ever wanted to solve these problems drifting in the wind world out of the crisis.

The Italian policy has never made it Spendig Review it more for our children to be slaves in 2000, have only made the reforms mentioned above.

It remains to figure out who's over Berlusconi and Renzi and wants an Italian, a victim of corruption, uneven, out of work and safety and that has no more 'than 300 people with a Head easily manipulated?

Use? Israel? Freemasonry? I do not know but I stress that this Democratic Dictatorship and 'very dangerous not only for Italians but also for Europe who is familiar with the disasters made by the Fascism of Mussolini.

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