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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 17 giugno 2015

It reveals the secret plan of Russia and the US for the new world order, an agreement that is good for all the two military superpowers

The term Cold War indicate an opposition political, ideological and military who came to be created in 1945, at the end of World War II, between two international blocs, categorized as the West (the United States, NATO Allies and friendly countries) and East, or "communist bloc" (the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact allies and friendly countries).

This voltage, which lasted about half a century, while not never materialized in a direct military conflict (hence the term cold when in fact the availability of nuclear weapons for both parties could surely destroy the entire planet), developed over the years focusing on competition in various fields (military, space, technological, ideological, psychological, sports) contributing at least in part to the development and evolution of the company with the advent of the third industrial revolution.

The June 28, 1991 is declared dissolved the Comecon and 1 July, the Warsaw Pact; these two events lay down at least symbolically the end of the influence of Soviet Russia in Eastern Europe and then the end of the Cold War is commonly understood. The conflict situation now past deepened in recent times because of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia about the fate of the Oblast 'Donetsk that, with the help of Russia's military, has become partially independent from' Ukrainian authorities and would have opted in a referendum for the union with the Russian Federation.
In fact with the end of the Cold War there has been a radical change in the political landscape of the entire planet that has led to a profound change in international relations, exponentially increasing the unpredictability of the behavior of nation states both in the field of diplomatic practices as in terms of the conduct of the war. The collapse of the Soviet Union actually led to the emergence of a number of national and international actors, able to act at multiple levels, creating a new world order multicenter, globalized and far from peaceful. With all due respect to many scholars, who promised a new idyllic had no conflicts, there has been, on the contrary, to a proliferation and an exponential increase of combat activity worldwide.
the element that perhaps best characterizes the new conflict is the total disappearance of the enemy. As long as the Western world is governed on the balance USA- USSR existed a kind of balance between the parties involved, but the dissolution of the former Soviet Union has led to an avoidable imbalance international triggering a policy of intervention by the United States, the only superpower left in the field, in every place on the planet if it was perceived as a possible threat to national security and the West in general.
But who, then, is the enemy to fight? Hard to say, since the US and its allies have acted, in general, using an army of traditional mold, while the enemy is hiding in inaccessible places and mingles easily among the civilian population, using, in most cases, methods Attack unorthodox as kamikaze and explosions of car bombs in populated centers generally. The consequence of all this is that often the battleground has shifted within cities and in places such as a market, a church, a mosque or a shopping center, involving the civilian population and not just the military.
Today, tensions between the two superpowers is generating more 'than a risk for a world war between the two countries a great opportunity' to give a New World Order that will allow the world to pass again the countless wars conventional and unconventional (Islamic) a sort of second Cold War that is comfortable to both superpowers allowing the United States to ease the economic and military clout to be the only superpower to protect the world.
The scenario that has' created between Russia and the West through the facts of Ukraine with sanctions and skirmishes between the contenders and 'real but today in the nerve center of the global strategy you are thinking that this new scenario can' be a great appropriate to bring the world under the control of two spheres of World Influence making everyone happy.
We will see in the coming months a substantial commitment of Russia in the field of military spending and interventional with a minimum of opposition of the West 'cause there is in fact an agreement of the parties to bring the planet under control and with less conflict unconventional.

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