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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

martedì 20 ottobre 2015


Abolition of the Senate, the Government and appointed Premier, amnesty Gambling and 22,000 new homes, pensioners below the threshold of EUR 1000, abolition of Article 18, corruption (last straddling Europe and 128 in the world) to say a lot about the our Italian Republic that much closer to Cuba of 30-50 years with a prime minister who is well-all in the Baptist Italian version maccaronica and democratic.

 In an Italy where politics wasting hundreds of millions of euro and is abolished without popular participation in the Senate, which becomes a sort of representative of the parties and of the Presidents of the Region to the service of the oligarchy of parties.

 A Toyland for all corrupters of Europe and the world who find forage in the heart of the West without necessarily going to the Congo to do business.

 A nation where the European Democracy's rating is not suspended by the Elect, where most retirees or young workers are on the poverty line make us spontaneously think of the years of Cuba Baptist where dirty business groups and the US were the Paradise at your doorstep.

 Where Italy becomes a gambling den gambling with amnesties made friends of the society 'and a further authorization to issue 22,000 gambling licenses here Oligarchy National becomes very similar to the Cuban and Europe replacing the US of those years.

 For those who do not remember well the Cuba of that time I remember that in March 1952 the former president Batista, supported by the United States, established a corrupt dictatorship, subjected to the interests of the oligarchy and US national

 The indifference of the regime against the poor conditions of the population, the lack of any space of political freedom, the rapacity of the ruling classes corrupt reduced the country to a kind of paradise for criminals.

 When Batista came to power, he created a group of institutions of extraordinary ability, which began a process of reorganization, all direct and organized to improve the operation of the business with experience, prestige and professionalism. Batista gave the Mafia can make huge illicit fortunes in lawful businesses and regular, through financial maneuvers.

 For the illegal operations they are used legal methods, according to modern dictates of capitalism, through laws and financial coverage. Interests, had now a sphere of influence in all of Central America, most of South America and in the same US. Such interest could regroup in the following directions:

 - Gambling and betting, such as those cast by the racecourse.

 - Prostitution specialized: from luxury hotels to the locations of the lowest order, with women who came from all over the area by the US and the Caribbean. It is estimated that in Havana alone there were 100,000 prostitutes.

 - The development and control of legal affairs, by means of import-export companies, shopping centers, distribution agencies, airlines, pharmaceutical laboratories, security agencies, use and control of banking networks, transport companies, sugar mills. In this direction they were operating all types of "companies".

 - The trade with the international financial center rooted in Havana, for the legalization of immense fortunes that brought great benefits to financial groups that traditionally controlled the entire Cuban economy. In order for the empire of Havana he would rule it was necessary that each component receives his share of the loot.

 - The control and the use of mass media in and out of Cuba, not only as an advertising strategy, as well as public relations and international propaganda. This program, coordinated simultaneously to the settlement of Batista to the presidency, necessitated the construction of new infrastructure.

 Unemployment, illiteracy and diseases grew vertically, leaving sink large sections of the rural and urban proletariat class totally destitute.

In Italy today things are very similar changes only the historical period and arrangements.

The government has entered the tender for 22,000 other arcades in the new law of stability, a 98 billion euro maxi fine subscribed dealers of gambling.

 L 'Italy is becoming such a country and the expense will be only the Italians, while all others will do business d' gold, from Europe, the oligarchy and the malefactors.

Senators and deputies appointed not elected, the country of corrupt even where it must begin the great work of the Jubilee but sadly like all the previous one has already 'the first case of tender rigged, where the population is living with pensions and salaries' lowest in Europe and where there is work, with politicians who move from right to left, top and bottom with a shamelessness remarkable say a lot about the country's future.

Who knows if it will ever an Italian Fidel Castro.

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