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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 30 dicembre 2015


And 'quite clear that in the collective imagination thanks to a media campaign ad hoc Europe of Peoples and' detected a death trap for sovereignty 'and the popular choice, becoming a great opportunity' for the bureaucratic system of type political and financial to take at once the financial control of 500 million people, for the sole purpose of encouraging banks and friends of friends.
In this scenario you could think of on the one hand that Italy could benefit from a more Democratic control of plagues such as corruption and political-financial business that always plague the country so as to make benefit to the sovereign people.
In fact, Europe has only "commanded" the guidelines to be followed in our system Political and Business District and always within the framework of this system made of intertwining Italian underworld, politics, and policy banks can freely move against its own citizens.
The rule and 'do what you want to the sovereign people, but always keep yourself within the system of rules dictated by Draghi and Merkell as institutions.
Who actually he was deceived in a form of democracy from Europe and North 'was once again disappointed the European system of Democracy and' one of the banks and of the supremacy of Germany, within this system are under systems like the Italian left some 'control of the US and a little' to European control.
The Italian system even if poorly tolerated in Europe and 'well accepted for the simple reason that Italy policy allows significant benefits to the European system of the French and the Germans and to pay the bill are the Italians of the middle class.
The Italians lost their sovereignty 'from time at the expense of European banks and the oligarchic system that effectively responds only to banks, power groups and some Foreign Country as the US and Israel.
Democracy Italian and 'virtual made by appointed, by lack of Elections, by majority of awards on the verge of taking the piss, blocked lists, sluts and people available to do anything to have a chair blocked.
After the Second Republic and under the filth of Berlusconi Italians are entering a phase of trance filled by conflict of interest made by newspapers and TV, which for years have hammered the user citizen until it is unable to see the reality 'of things .
This has enabled the Italian Republic to move to the third Republic a stage even more 'brazen, made by politicians who move from right to left, left to right, as shareholders of the Nazarene and by people who for decades betray the mandate for their use and consumption.
The result of all this are esodati, missed contract renewals, taxes and the Wild West of the law of the most 'strong, corruption, companies free to use a thousand tricks to the detriment of the citizens up to the present day where with 'Experience of the various banking scandals that periodically occurred starting with the most' striking Mps case where no one has paid here is that the system of power and business banking 'now exposed daily to the maximum level with Banca Etruria and the next year We will see some good.
Trap savers with Bonds wastepaper wasting savings as real robbers of the people, only to save the banks with the money of other people and no one would pay it Criminally morally it speaks volumes about the tragic situation of Italy.
At this point it remains unclear if and 'politics of these characters that the Italians were voting (' cause now you do not vote more ') who pull the strings of the game or are the powers of the banks and of Freemasonry Fiorentina pulling files these puppets? personally I say I'm the latter but it does not matter if it was different 'cause as long as the Italian allow such havoc on their skin, on their savings and their children's future will be' useless and any initiative and 'just a waste of time.
No need revolutions or anything, is only that when and if it ever will vote 'bisognera' vote for the lesser evil, which in this case and 'the Five Star Movement.
And not 'the era of revolutions unworkable but surely would have been the era of a strong right and nationalist as the rest of Europe, but until now deceased Berlusconi politically will climb on mirrors remain on the butt of his pupil Renzi this change in Italy it is not 'feasible.
A framework is clear that the Left in the country and in particular the Democratic Party and 'like the plague now contaminated by the virus that Toscano and' possession of everyone and everything destroying itself and the country.
When the Italians will change awareness and attitude perhaps the country will have 'a chance' otherwise you just need to move or succumb to the enemy if you will ever get.

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