lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

2016 is how the great superpowers change strategy in the Middle East: Sara 'war between Sunnis and Shiites

US foreign policy in recent years in the Middle East and 'detected a complete flop in terms of strategy and forecasts imagine.

The historic moment was completely different Russia was in the second row, and China was the most 'affected Africa.

Just we started in 2016 we saw that Saudi Arabia has executed 46 Shiite with managerial positions in the Muslim world.

It 'clear that such an event can not' be implemented without consulting the great US ally.Regardless of the personalities involved 2016 will be 'a year where the Sunnis (the majority) will make war with the Shiites.

We will have one hand Russia, China, Iran, Yemen (Shiites) against Saudi Arabia, US, Turkey (Sunni).

In this scenario, some things happen, Israel may have some attacks by Hezbollah and could destabilize the southern part of Saudi Arabia putting at risk the kingdom.

Isis which until now has guaranteed peace 'to Israel can not' more 'esserene guarantor.

The result of this foreign policy will not be able to be expected in the long run 'cause bvariabili are many but in the short term there may be some events.

1) Attacks in Israel

2) Instability Saudi Arabia

3) Instability 'Turkey with the PKK

4) Investing now in Petroli for rising prices.

In the worst case there may be a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran in the midst of the great powers!

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