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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 22 gennaio 2016

Defend and participate Democracy - Vote No (laws because 'rate and' life)

If you want to make sure that you live in a democratic country and 'need to participate, watch and vote choices that will affect your life, those of your children and those of your children's children.It 's not acceptable ever, for any reason even if you share content that key decisions can be made by constitutional and a small circle of people much more' if these unelected by the sovereign people.
The choices of the people are always made with maximum popular participation would otherwise have chosen to groups or parties that have goals that often do not coincide with the Democrats.Remember the phrase of the most 'great politician and democracy-loving people like Kennedy who claimed not ask what others do for your country, but what you can do for it at this stage of the historic Italian labile Democracy becomes almost a dogma.
Italy is going through a phase of history worse than the First Republic a stage where the Constitution built with the blood of our grandparents is changed without the consent of the people by a small group of politicians elected by the people who have been put to rule them from a premium most obscene and with a Premier who never elected to approve the amendment of the constitutional reform does not use the sovereign people and the vote of statesmen above all reasonable doubt, but crutches as Verdini investigated and smell of Freemasonry passing from right to left without ideals for self-interest.
A country where the Minister of Forests with a conflict as big as a house goes unpunished in place and where a bank like its predecessors is fuck the money of Italian without anyone pay for people who have committed suicide or who have lost their money under form of savings or IMU.A country that is losing its identity 'under the blows of direct attack on the Catholic values ​​that can not be shared but that certainly are not carriers of violence such as those of other extremist religions.
A country where economic interests and foreign countries are among our political space at the expense of the safety of our daughters and women letting unchecked immigrants to go go so much because of us that Europe must 'suspend Shenghen.
A country where the Copasir (management and control servizsirsi bring friends without titles that then will control your ass.
A country where no antibodies and opposition newspapers, intellectuals and politicians no longer have 'critical or ideal, right or left, up or down are not worth more' for nothing, but to be used when needed.
A country where where you master citizen must feel insecure about your job and your future and where the best fli those who think I beings sent abroad so that 'all may be turned away from Bodello Italy.
A country where what fine yesterday was considered politically "shit" now seems almost "chocolate" regretting the recent past.
A country without 'antibodies to react to the virus delbilitazione Social and Freedom'.
Italians wake up 'cause that you are living and' a surrogate freedom where you are spectators and not actors of choices you are entitled as a right and duty and that if out-sourced to political suspects, who often do not elect interests of foreign countries will do their game delivering the future of your children and your interests in people with other objectives that do not coincide with those of a Democratic Nation.
EUROPE, THE US AND ISRAEL must be careful not to create a democracy in the West that tomorrow could destabilize everything.
So the Constitutional Referendum has a fundamental importance not only for the rating but to be able to exercise the right - the duty of the sovereign people giving a clear signal and direct the Italians to decide their own future and not devolved to those who have no right to decide.Vote No and you are very careful that these people in power will make you confuse making the choice of the Referendum complicated and not believe the promises of the Woods and Renzi that in case of defeat will go home 'cause the chair conquered without the vote did not give up ever otherwise the non-election.

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