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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

sabato 6 febbraio 2016

Reflections of European and World Geopolitics. E 'in an undeclared war between Russia / China and the US, and in the middle of Europe and is flaking off in two blocchi.L'Italia and' loser

The European landscape is passing to a new and final phase, the phase that and 'that of flaking or at best two-speed Europe.

Germany after having squeezed to fit all those countries Italy through Greece now has no interest in keeping within its Europe these states.
Also other countries of Northern Europe less important are realizing that Europe today does not help anyone and they are slowly slipping away.

The change and 'already in place to start from the current deflation was caused deliberately by Germany up to the closure of borders and Schengen.
Again Germany as' was for the banks has made its interest by taking cheap labor for its industries, as well as enough to then close the tap to countries like Italy and Greece.
The same was done with its saving banks Deutsche Bank and which 'is worse than Lehman Brothers was only to close the doors in the face Italy also because' does not try to save the thieves funded and authorized by the Finance Use.
Germany now looks forward to the axis Russian / Chinese and for this you must expel unnecessary Virus as the countries of southern Europe real ball and chain on this project.
To better understand the current European scenario, we must broaden the vision to the rest of the World Geopolitics.
Those who were until yesterday the true leader of the planet that is' the US have long sensed the danger of the European project German and feel her breath on his neck again emerging countries, such as Russia and China.
The US fear that this axis can pass from Europe to East skipping the American market, creating a single market able to self-manage the world economy and relegating the US to a secondary plane.
A difficult event but not impossible and 'very dangerous.
This axis and 'already under construction, Putin wants to be the bridge between China and the World Economy step l' Europe of Germany.
Germany has already put in place at the construction site this scenario and the reasons are different, let's see:
1) Member of Southern Europe such as Italy have been squeezed properly and not need any more to Germany.
2) Closing the borders and abolishing Schengen, they believe to block Immigration and leave the problems created Italy and Greece putting even more 'in economic crisis.
3) Isolate Italy and 'a key way to keep the US out of the Germanic / Russian projects. Germany and 'aware that Italy Renzi like that of Mussolini and' treacherous and represents US interests in Europe.
In this framework, we have Great Britain and now that 'out of the concept of Europe and France who would like to join the club of Europe in Serie A, fitting in the German scene to get to Russia rather than being dragged into the abyss of Europe losers .
Renzi and what remains of the Italian policy subservient to the US, have sensed the danger and are aiming their feet against the Germans but now it 's too late.
Renzi is also looking to sell smoke in the world with a new foreign policy, but in Europe and in the world knows that we are a poor colony and subservient to the United States.
Just think that the US is trying everything to break that thread that can 'cripple their economy in the World.
That axis passing through Europe and Russia would be up to China.
They tried taking away the 'Ukraine to Russia trying to make it into Europe just to provoke Russia of Putin and break the understanding of Europe in Serie A but without success.
In this undeclared war at the expense and 'always Italy for the simple reason that the United States made us leave for example the project "South Stream" pipeline carrying the gas from Russia to Italy via Eni.
A boat avanzatocostato project of money in bribes and expenses we abandoned under pressure from the US in retaliation for Russia.
Only to see reappear the same project in Germany and Northern Europe.
You dear readers that and 'the prime example of who and' a Great Free Nation as that of Germany and who is instead 'a guest appearance in the hands of the US.
And yet both years lost Nations War but the character and sense of the state between a German paradoxically and 'more' positioned close to the English than to the Italian.
The project reappears in Germany that has' taken in agreement with the other countries of the North to bring it precisely from Russia to Europe from the name that looks like a jack ass of Italian as "Nord Stream".
Renzi in Italy, is believed to be the new messiah, while in Europe we all see it as ridiculous and subservient to the United States.
Among other things, not only before long I think at most 24 months we will be abandoned, but while we have welcomed the immigrants did not receive a single funding or support as various and astonishing control projects flows into the sea by high-sounding names such as Triton, Frontex, Poseidon never fully implemented the same German and North European countries require our country to finance Turkey in order to stimulate Erdogan towards migrants block.
Location and money of the citizens Italians that Renzi and the Democratic Party over to the Germans perche0 'at this moment the Germans Objectives and Use coincide.
For the US and 'important to block the German / Russian project but it' s also important to support the non-sympathetic Turkey to block Russia itself.
Renzi raises his voice but he knows that will deliver 'money to the Germans' cause they want the US, at least he had the guts to have them delivered by US taxpayers no he will take them' to nationals Italian raped twice.
One must realize that Italy and 'like a light ball commissioning lot that is agitated now by the US, now the Germans and sometimes by both personal interests and being light, we can not help but groped to make noise but unfortunately will always others to move.
This and 'therefore the final scenario of a Europe that has now flaked short might be a two-speed, but in the worst case, divide and form an axis Franco-German-Russian-Chinese and a weak axis formed by Italy-Greece-Spain-Turcchia .
Renzi potra 'fidgeting as he wants but' a sacrificial victim in US hands, can not 'do anything against Germany and the signals are so evident that while Draghi to date represented the dynamic balance between the interests of the US and German, now not serves more 'and it will be' replaced by another wire Franco-German.
Not for nothing did former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and 'now the best advisor of Putin and datempo working on the project.
And that's why 'Berlusconi and' jumped to Italy, too pro Russian mica for the whores who did.Berlusconi perhaps consciously or by stupidity 'we'll never know, had made a valuable way to Italy to Russian wire and it' was unseated by using the same by Renzi and second hypothesis would Grillo and his movement.
Story time is already 'doing expire Renzi whose job is ending for all.Italy among other things, has another big problem that the Libyan, in fact, if in the East Russia and 'dropped a straight leg in the Middle-Eastern scenery along with Iran displacing the US, this to run for cover on the one hand must supporting the unloved and the Turks take the field to the West via Italy.
Italy runs the risk of leading a military campaign in Libya, not for talent but because 'assigned by the United States that they can not do it personally.
Italy will have 'the weight of the war and of Immigrants Libyans after giving useful idiot as the bases of Trapani Birgi to the French, who, with their mania to play at the grandeur have just ruined Italian interests in Libya as it thinks are idiots these Italians who think they are the most 'cunning.Libyan scenario and 'so important that they also know ISIS.
Today the decline of the proceeds of the sale of oil through Turkey to Russia hand and the very presence of Russian generated in the mind not helpless Isis and the idea that 'better to move from East to West by finding less dangers and the same oil in Libya .
The US can not allow that too chaotic and amateurish foreign policy scenario 'because of its Use in the name of Obama and Republican McCain.
Paradoxically though in Sicily they were 10 person able to interpret these signals is definitely pave the more 'prosperous period in its history.
The reason is easily explained Sicily becomes the real d 'strategic interests Use platform in the Mediterranean and as Europe itself will tend' to regionalizzarsi with the Independence of Catalonia and other similar situations here in Sicily there is a great opportunity 'Independence or strong autonomy.
Certainly this independence can not be carried on by current politicians Siciliani by unpresentable names like Micciche, D'Alia, Pharaoh, Genovese, Crocetta, Lumia or other PD not 'cause they make their dicks but because' they do not understand the international scenario.
The US needs a new political movement Siciliano and new politicians who can fully embrace this project.
I would be ready to support this idea with financial support from the US and that 'the only one who can at this time be useful to the interests of Sicily and its development, in exchange for the full availability' to the US geopolitical scenario.
As you can imagine the scenario looks very messy 'cause often distant and conflicting interests for some historical moments they may also coincide with those of their opponents, but everything must be put in place like a jigsaw puzzle and you will see' up the World geopolitical future.
In this chaotic phase here is that we do not explain why 'the Oil price drops and the economy goes bad, for the simple reason that some companies' financial future signals are used to interpret and they see a lot of black.
We see the possible causes:
1) Saudi Arabia lowers the price for not favor Iran's sale.
2) The Saudi Arabia of US pressure lowers estimates of Russian and Chinese development having an economy that grows less and demand less Russian gas which already 'costs less all in a virtuous circle.
3) The United States wants to keep the cost about 30-40 dollars 'cause down though is favored its sale to intermediate costs because' unable to write off the transport ships.
4) Saudi Arabia will implement the US plan but at a price yet more 'low favoring the price of its oil and non-US exports that has very low cost does not bear shipping cost.
As you see all these variables affect the financial system that could soon change finishing in deflate making the world economy slip back into recession.
The future scenario and 'to be deciphered but a given, and' certainly the end result will depend on this undeclared war and much will depend on the new US president, that if it is' as I hope my Republican (Trump) even more warmongering has an aggressive foreign policy but better than the disaster of the Democrats.
In all this for Italy and 'Renzi time is running out and will serve a new political entity that can look to Italy as a center of the Mediterranean as wire US, rather than a poor servant of Italy and Germany.
I like Putin and 'towards a statesman, but I know that Italy is not' Germany and can not 'pull the plug to the US, but at least it can' become the nerve center of the Mediterranean with strong Autonomous Sicily, wire Use in relation to a modern and Mediterranean Economics.
Believe me Renzi does not realize that 'already' out of history.Email ThisBlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook

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