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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 10 febbraio 2016

The Project Use of a Greater Islamic State in Syria could become reality but passing in the hands of Putin and Russian. Germany threatens an invasion of Syrian immigrants.

One of the projects of the bankruptcy of the foreign policy of Obama and McCain and Kerry Today Staff was to destabilize the entire Middle Eastern area, even deposing Assad in order to create a large area under Moslem control of Sunni mold.
A mega nation that extended from the Mediterranean to Turkey until arriving in Saudi Arabia.
A large geographic area that would allow one hand control of Iran and diversion of the Russian influence on the other Palestinians Hezbollah.
An area where Turkey and Israel not only would be safe from terrorist attacks but would do energy business, an area where Saudi Arabia and Turkey could divide their influence subjecting Iranian Shiites.
An extensive area from Syria to Iraq Mediterranean to touch the Lebanese areas in pushing up in Libya.
This new state could only be the ISIS where funds received from the sale of Petroleum Syrian via Turkey could finance it and with a valid Mediatica strategy and Mercenaries so the US could easily control in one fell swoop across the Middle East,
This scenario established at the table instead is evolving right in the opposite direction, and even 'possible a similar solution steps in Shiite hand under Russian control.
The descent into the field of Russia caused by the continuous provocations Use: See the Crimea and Ukraine, and 'became a dramatic own goal' cause not only awakened a new Super Power modern, efficient and effective from a military point of view, but has strengthened the 'axis Russia, Iran, China.
The great Bear and 'awakened and even if you are' tried to put him in serious difficulty the Tsar Putin will always come out well from the continuous Ukraine / Crimea provocations, then with the plane struck the Egyptians skies to end the dastardly Turkish attack. He has turned a potential disaster into a foreign policy success of a great fruit definitely more 'skilled staff than Obama.
Now Russia has chosen to take the field militarily in Syria, to save Assad and to win the war in little more 'than three months, showing the world an efficient and strong and winning geopolitical strategy.
Paradoxically what Obama had planned to do in the Middle East and 'just been given in the hands of Putin for bad geopolitical assessments, they did irritate Europe and Israel.
This new Isis Sunni Muslim state is becoming a Shiite State of Assad under Russian control.The scenario of refugees and immigrants fleeing from these countries invaded Europe through Spain and Italy now changes and becomes the scenery Turkish / German.
'Cause the Russian victory in Syria culminated in the victory symbol of the conquest of Aleppo has transformed the scenario up to threaten Turkey and Israel.
In fact, the refugees fleeing from Syria want to enter Turkey and certainly not in Saudi Arabia and from there to invade through Greece precisely Germany.
The Merkell who has a good relationship with Putin in fact, realizing the danger launches in recent days the alarm to the Tsar.
If before the Southern immigrants invading Europe through countries like Italy and Spain without this mattered too much to the Germans and never allocate money to address the problem today for the Germans the music changes.
They have always thought so you know the Italians are silly and not very patriotic and feeling the very serious threat oblige those assholes and balls as our Premier Renzi to pay Turkey in order to block the Italian immigration that we just do not care about.
To Italy not only it does not have to import anything of such refugees, but rather if he had a foreign policy strategy should encourage this so that we can put pressure on Germany and Northern Europe who have always treated like shit.
Apart from that my outburst on Italy and its foreign policy subservient to foreigners, I must say that this scenario is beginning to worry even Israeli who feels surrounded by ISIS Sunni who are pushing Libya and a future enhancement of Hezbollah through the 'Iran.
Paradoxically today and Russia that can 'with Assad and Iran control the entire Middle East, Saudi Arabia threatened economically and politically Turkey, pushing the Kurds to an alliance against Turkey itself.
Turkey is not an heir to the plane that depression will not have 'a future price to pay.
So now the Russians are at the center of the navel Middle East and drive them back out will be 'difficult if not paying a price for an agreement.
Today serves US foreign policy new and different and a Republican president who can create a staff that can handle completely differently this scenario.
Putin runs fast with new areas dedicated to geopolitical intelligence supported by China.
While we have Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel with the US leader who planned a precise scenario, today we are here with a completely different scenario and strengthened the Russian, Iranian, Chinese, Kurdish and Hezbollah.
While Russia has to do is develop the same project the US, the US not only are losing this scenario but lie with Europe unnerved German, Israel watching carefully and Turkey / Saudi Arabia that do not understand well the management of US policy.
Add to this, you open another front the Libyan let's be clear that the Italians are not and I can not handle, and if the US military thinking to empower us Libya could break down again by returning to straight leg the French, who already 'have broken into balls to us Italians.
In short, the scenario appears to be fluid and less chaotic than you think, but the consequences could be disastrous for the world economy and geopolitics Use.
In all this, of course, the millions of men, women and children who do not die no one gives a fuck.

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