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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 24 marzo 2016

Analysis of the phenomenon of Islamic terrorism in Europe and Remo solution. The guilt and 'of Europe and not the Secret Service considering side effects the death of their citizens.

Periodic attacks in Europe by the nature of Islamic terrorism that crack confidence in the various governments of the European nations that from time to time are affected.
In my article I will not give a representation of my outrage at the killing of unarmed citizens 'cause of this fact, and' a war with visible and invisible actors.
This article 'an analysis of the current situation and new that Europe is faced with trying to find in the maze of the past history and analogy of some Intelligence technical solutions.The number of terrorists in Europe not 'not unknown and the arrival of this type of terrorism is different from Immigration causes uncontrolled to the French and Belgian non-integrated Banlieue.

The number of foreign fighters and branching of jihadist cells within Europe reveal a growing focus of the terrorists towards the Old Continent.Great Britain, Belgium and France are among the most at-risk countries, as demonstrated by the events of recent years.

Why 'Italy, Greece and Spain are less affected and' easy to explain from a geopolitical point of view when there is a channel, an inlet port in Europe and the first condition 'that it does not close it. It 'a bit like Rome at the time of the cold war where all the Western and Eastern spies were the good and bad weather declaring the enclave.

The same system applies to Italy, which risk 'an attack only when close' borders or may experience an attack in order to stimulate Italy's intervention in Libya and do not add more on the possible instigators.

Certainly 'also true that countries like France and Belgium although also suffering from second-generation Muslims residents Kamikaze attacks are less prepared to deal with the problem of countries such as Italy and Germany than in the seventies have defeated terrorism managing repentant and creating a special law.

In fact analysts' estimates speak of five and seven European foreign fighter who were present in Syria and Iraq which can strike again in their home countries, and would be at least 300 out sleepers on the European territory ready to be activated.The motivational analysis on 'cause these people sacrifice themselves spreading death in Europe and' different and not everyone agrees that the last few attacks it is clear that these people while living for some time in these countries were never really integrated and They do not consider themselves children of this country, of France as Europe, much preferred the Isis terrorism.

Surely the reasons are different from the lack of integration, the Isis charm until the religious motive as well as' Islamic.

It seems clear that if the reasons are not entirely clear enough known and 'why' often these potential terrorists can easily enter and exit from Europe without being identified which is a real flaw in the system.

It is trying to save Europe from Schengen Treaty on the free movement of persons within the European countries participating sacrificing pero 'safety.The European intelligence and certainly 'far away from d' intelligence system Use in the collaboration between the various agencies but that 's not due to a lack of capacity' but the simple fact that United Europe does not exist outside the monetary and bankers to which every nation acts like a wolf solitary exchanging information only on request and after a counterpart.Europe must first get rid of selfishness in information management, which is the practice all over the world.

Surely with the Italian Mafia and experience of domestic terrorism in learned to communicate between the various agencies in the 70 not only did not communicate but were hidden a little information as is happening in Belgium which has no experience and a fragmented territory between Walloons and fiammninghi .

Surely there 'to be hoped a European superpower of attorney and National Counterterrorism, which also has more power and can draw collaborations in the structures themselves Islamic.I also agree with the concept that there is no moderate Islam, the comedy of tolerance, integration lie, the farce of multiculturalism.Another behavior that European governments should take over as mentioned above the cooperation between agencies and the creation of a super power of attorney and that of the identification of the enemy.

If there is an undeclared war and the enemy, and 'inside the house definitely have to distinguish right away from us and do not integrate it in a few months, often without knowing the reasons for his long journey an enemy without the beard, Western dress, with a residence permit, with car and family and 'difficle identify him as an enemy.It will not be 'certainly not the fault of the agencies or by the Secret Service though many go in and out without control because' Europe wants so and then it takes the side effects, certainly in some countries will be less prepared and they were wrong but if you were not allowed to disperse the enemy among us before we have certainty about their dynamics, if you are 'allowed to go to Syria and go not' certainly not the fault of the security agencies but perhaps there is almost a complicity 'Institution Europe could do much also in other respects, such as applying sanctions against countries that finance terrorism as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but this is not 'able to do that no one in Europe given the US pressure to keep these channels open and why' often these countries they are now owners of industries and European banks.

For the European bureaucrats and the politicians of the various European nations often convenient to pretend nothing against these countries' cause in fact they bring fresh money and these are fine if they do smell of bombers. For Europe of bureaucrats and European governments at the end it's manageable side effects although these manageable side effects have first and last name of people of European citizens.Not to mention the immigration problem caused by a geopolitical vision of the US and that 'was cynical but effective' cause in fact moved the problem of terrorism by the United States to Europe in crisis is also putting the European economy and German, like killing two birds with one shot.

This short-sighted behavior stained with the blood of European citizens bears the signature of the European bureaucrats but also of every European nation that pretends not to see. Italy is that as I said before-landing zone, the bridgehead, the convenient Islamic outpost.Another aspect 'to have thought that Islamic terrorism can be fought in Syria with aircraft and drones and Europe with computer technology.

Isis uses good information technology 'cause someone gave him the know-out, and certainly'important to have cyber security and cyber intelligence solutions to guarantee our autonomy management against countries that stalk us for reasons and interests but not to fight Isis who actually uses the midst of its own use and certainly does not put sensitive information on that tool.Today, Cyber ​​Spy must serve if anything to counter the media campaign of Isis sex appeal rather than seek the bombs online.Only an amateur would think that an experienced structure of Informatica as Isis who made propaganda on the Web a speaker system of its image is so 'helpless to be passed information with these systems and without security. Cyber ​​Spy serves to every country to prevent friendly countries like the US can hear the shit that a Renzi can 'say the phone or the more' serious arguments Merkell that represents a threat to the US.

Analyze other possible solutions on the basis that the current terrorism and 'made by behaviors that the present state of expertise is not' easy or impossible to delete.

The Kamikaze terrorist act and strike with unorthodox and controlled by the military weapons, bombs made from chemicals and nails. Blow themselves up and 'all too easy to circumvent any control but it' s also true that these actions deserve a special coordination and preparatory support.

"Suicide bombers wearing vests containing explosive devices based on TATP (acetone peroxide), a chemical also used in the London bombings of 2005. The complexity of the attacks in six different places of the French capital, implies an extremely high level coordination, as well as the use of AK-47 assault rifles and preparing bodices with explosives TATP, a highly unstable agent, assume a big responsibility that derives almost certainly from a military preparation. Add to this the essential role played by a logistical support network and structured contacts and detailed planning activity, behind which there is, in all likelihood, a group formed by at least 25-30 individuals (performers included). This last element, in fact, it would seem to be confirmed precisely in the use of acetone peroxide as a detonator. the TATP, in fact, is an explosive that is not used in the military because it was considered extremely dangerous, given its already mentioned instability (superior to that of nitroglycerine, to make the idea), and with a higher detonation power of 80% to that of the TNT; moreover, it is difficult to synthesize, despite the relative simplicity of the materials used for its preparation, less than not have an appropriate structure (laboratory). It 'very likely, therefore, that behind the bombers there is a network of terrorist cells, with associated logistics and supply chains that exceed safe havens present in the French suburbs, often out of the control of the Parisian security services, coming up to neighboring Belgium , through the migratory flows from Syria / Iraq, Libya, and especially from the Balkans, which we always talk too little, while representing the true "soft underbelly" for the arms trafficking to European countries "

Israel has tried with dogs trained to sniff out explosives, but just a deodorant or a spray repellent to put them off the road. And who control? All the grim faces that walk by the way? The only possibility is to infiltrate the terrorist groups with spies, but the extreme secrecy character of these organizations makes this very difficult task. Even the rudimentary ordnance plays into terrorists. The electronics is absent; and aside from the plastic and the trigger, all the other pieces of the bomb are free trade: a kind of stretch fabric bag to put the explosives, steel balls or nails to make the devastating explosion, electric wire, battery and switch. Compared with bombs a few years ago, the current ones are smaller (about 20 cm on each side) and more easily celabili under clothing: Some of the dress just above the navel, the other, to avoid the risk of being identified for a possible raid , the leading high around his chest.

Own logistic support, from the preparatory phase that there is a chance 'to stop the unstoppable.There is always in every crime a mistake just find it to have a chance 'solution, here's the pre-attack phase and' the weak phase of Islamic terrorism and the complicity 'which he uses to prepare the action that everyone should focus.

Some speak of ReportyPassanti transformed into sentinels. "Keep your eyes open, call agents to suspicion, it is inevitable that the Europeans have to develop intuition that we Israelis were forced to exacerbate"Another field of study and the solution has to be Israel's experience that for years under terrorist pressure have drawn some drastic solutions and less drastic.

It needs to use the experience of Israel and the pre-attack phase to resolve the issue or at least limit it then you can 'go back to talk about the reasons behind these terrorists to hit Europe and defenseless citizens.

If you think the network of collaborators, supports, scouts that serve to develop an attack.This is demonstrated by the emblematic case of Salah Abdeslam, the elusive terrorist and his focus group blocked a few steps from the road where already months ago arrests and searches had been made: he always came back, to Moleenbek, a neighborhood that has protected like an impenetrable stronghold of jihadism. Salah has remained among us for months, crossing the borders unhindered. On September 9, 2015 was stopped along with Mohammed Belkaid, coming from Hungary, by Austrian police, unable to make a finding as it should and let go.

The analysis you can even I in this article but definitely not useless to know the reason why 'is not' one and only 'cause we need a practical solution for Europe not to succumb.Example Palestinian suicide bombers in particular share a personality marked by low self-esteem and family situations devastated by the Israeli occupation. Of these, the aspect that has attracted more attention of scholars is frustration linked to the professional prospects who do not find a positive outcome in a society plagued by civil war as the Palestinian one, if we carry this in Europe and we remove Immigrants it is clear that there emerges a lack of integration of the system that has failed.

The key to access more convincing to the mind of the young terrorists seems to be rather the power to almost complete conditioning that organizations are able to get on them.The preferences of the bombers often fall on young males and unmarried.

But above all, the tough selection process to ensure long-faithful followers. According to a thorough investigation conducted by a parliamentary committee of Singapore on Jemaah Islamiyah suicide bombers, the minimum recruitment time lasts 18 months and takes place in the schools of this association. Almost all Asian and Middle Eastern terrorist organizations, in fact, run schools (think of the madrasas of Afghanistan) as well as many other aspects of life in their communities, work in religious services to pension and health care. Only a few, finally, are selected as aspiring martyrs. Until the big day of the call.Even the female suicide bombers are used even if the majority in the Middle East and in many Asian countries because 'are searched less; Moreover, in case of dell'ordigno boss can simulate a pregnancy.

The conclusion we can 'earn from my analysis' which in fact is not 'can change the phase of voluntary recruitment to the attacks' cause of that act invisible too many factors including international friends and enemies countries using this scenario to their advantage just go back in history to understand that we must not act on the motivational issue would be a serious mistake and 'waste of time.The Japanese army never had problems in recruiting volunteers for suicide missions; in fact, it was three times more volunteers than the available aircraft there. In consequence of this the experts were discarded drivers, as they are considered better used in defensive roles and teaching. The average suicide bomber pilot had about 20 years and was studying science at university. The motivations in offering volunteer ranged from patriotism, the desire to bring honor to their families, to put themselves to the test in extreme ways.

The forensic psychiatrist Marc Sageman ascertained, also on a scientific basis to be verified, a lack of anti-social behavior, mental illness, previous social trauma or behavioral disorders such as: anger, paranoia and narcissism about 400 members of the terrorist network al-Qa ' ida that they would be "studied."Just remember that and 'French, 26 the first female terrorist in Europe was called Hasna Aitboulahcen and made entrepreneur.To defeat and mitigate the problem of Terrorist Bombings in Europe must act in this way:
1) Turn the preparatory phase of the attacks and collaboration network using.
2) Identify the enemy distinguishing it from the European citizen.
3) Apply greater collaboration and implement the suspension of Shenghen
4) Do not focus on social issues and motivational would be lost time in the short term.
Phase long run:
1) Take action against countries Qatar and Saudi Arabia who finance terrorism
2) Put pressure on the United States by making pacts with Russia.
3) Move the problems to other continents with a unified European foreign policy.

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