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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 30 marzo 2016

Syria, the world scenario present and future, with Russia winning in Geopolitics and the States united enemies of Europe. Better Trump President

The navel of the world and of all traumatic current issues affecting Europe and the world reside in Syria.

Syria and 'the reference point for the world's geopolitical balance, immigration, terrorism.

The foreign policy of Obama disastrous for the whole world had as its ultimate goal in the various revolutions of the Mediterranean Syria, if he fell Assad today there would not be the current scenario but a different scenario with a large Sunni Islamic state pseudo ISIS ready to give a hard time to Iran, the Palestinians and to Europe.

The goal of Obama and the US was to bring the issue of terrorism outside the US as a fact 'happened partially isolating the threat to blow up the Russian and Iran.

The scenario built around a table, however, and 'collided against the wall of Assad and the Syrian people well' with masterful and compelling geopolitical strategies of Russia and Putin.

The descent into the field of Russia in the Navel heart of the world has in fact made it the main player on the global geopolitical chessboard the same Russia and Putin.

The US, Europe are in fact out of the ground battle of the relegated now secondary zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Russia has been able to geopolitically argue blow for blow to the provocations US since the Crimea, through Ukraine and ending with the war without borders for Russian energy corridors.

In this whole scenario to go out and defeat at the hands Use 'Europe that has lost the chance' to stock up on the cheap Russian energy and in doing business for poor trade balance of the various national countries.

Consequence of this geopolitca Use 'was also that of having to suffer for the hands of the Obama degl'Immigrati invasion and terrorist attacks as well as' NSA spying on various European heads of state.

If Europe had not definitely disunited the US could not behave in this way with the European allies.

Today's Europe has to consider in the light of geopolitics US and Obama as its enemy the United States at least until we will not have the new President of the United States.

Syria Putin's Russia in fact saved Assad and the population but it 'clear that we should not delude ourselves in the sense that just the US and Europeans servants did not allow Russia to recapture the same throughout the country and therefore it is clear that the truce must necessarily lead to a plan of reorganization of the Syrian territories.

Europe and 'aware that Turkey now serves only one master on the one hand the Isis which is used as a weapon against Europe of immigrants and against the Kurds but poorly digests the descent into the field geopolitical Saudi Arabia.

Turkey itself that on the one hand squeezes his eyes to the USA by necessity but digests the geopolitical choices of this' cause he finds himself faced with a serious problem of territorial integrity represented by the presence of the Russian who is returning the favor to have shot down a Russian plane and also broke the energy relationship creating a Kurdish state.

Turkey Isis finances by selling oil in the order of about 80 million barrels a day.

You dear readers Russia is trying to conquer territories close to the Turkish border in the Kurdish areas in order to kneel Turkey itself 'cause soon you will find' to face a state Turkish passing from Syria to Turkey with continuity 'territorial.

Reunite controllada area Assad with that eliminating Kurdish rebel forces and putting in check Turkey.

Russia is playing well the cards up extending to Jordan and Iran itself creating a great Islamic Shiite state loyal up to encircle the Isis forces rimarebbero trapped if not for the side with Iraq.

Russia is becoming mistress of the Middle East with an Islamic state passing from Jordan, Syria Assad, Kurds from Iran to the pace for the US and Europe.

In this general scenario Europe should look at their own interests as in fact Israel is doing literally pissed off with the choices Use to make Saudi Arabia and Qatar referents of strategic geopolitical Use.

Europe rather than 'freedom to shout' every time an attack happens in Europe should start to close relations with the US and with the financers of terrorism such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and threatened to get out of NATO.

The amateurish foreign policy of Obama in fact has cracked relations with its allies and not 'more' can accept them unconditionally allowing Turkey to blackmail the immigration front.

Apart from Italy that has always 'colony Use and pay finds himself' in the Libyan quagmire that we must defend to the energy issue as Germany and France must open their eyes and enter into a bilateral agreement with Russia.

Mind you I have always been pro Use but not when they are wrong foreign policy endangering the security and peace of Europe.

The hope remains anchored to the next US president who can change permanently broken by the government putting out all the actors present so far in Congress whose only result brought home and 'to have moved the terrorism problem in Europe by the United States but with consequences that could be disastrous on the European scene and Asia.

Suffice it to say that Russia with the arrival in camp is selling arms to about 80 billion rubles replacing in many countries and European esport Use of Weapons such as with Morocco.

For now, we can expect more attacks as not only in Europe but came several terrorist cells that circulate many many false Syrian passport.

The only sure thing and 'the type of suicide bombers in the Middle East and North Africa generally, young 20 30 years caught with a diploma or degree and childless.

In the coming days could also be a media campaign against Putin in Europe to and work of the great TV and Newspapers of France, Britain, Italy.

current scenario:

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