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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

lunedì 14 marzo 2016

The US in trouble 'with Europe, Russia and the Middle East; we see 'cause they risk losing the geopolitical control of the world.

One of the major activities 'of the US and various presidents of the States united and' the World Geopolitics, this activity and 'priority' cause must allow the US to maintain hegemony and control of the world economy without losing Leadership. 

Geopolitics and the US 'relatively simple and consists of "divide and rule".The important 'does not allow the development of the Euro-Asian-Middle Eastern, every effort must be made so that' this huge continent with economic and military powers not amalgams, no string of alliance relationships because 'could become a catastrophe for the 'US economy and military weight in the world.

In this light they moved idurante's two terms Use the Democrats and Obama, but the results to date are still more 'misty Bush and Clinton period.

The US in the old mechanism of divide and rule had three strong allies in Europe Britain faithful family man, Japan starts in Asian and Israel in the Middle East.

Currently these three countries have an international secondary importance compared to the New World setting with military and economic emerging world powers, such as China, Russia, Europe understood as the Euro and North Korea.

The current geopolitical scenario and 'always the result of the US world view that during the years 80/90 have fragmented the empire Russian deconstructing the consolidated scenery of the Berlin Wall and the naive view that the world would be better than before.

In fact this has led some dangerous consequences and less world stability, such as: consider Russia a country now relegated to a secondary role and the rise of international terrorism with the countries of the Asian Russia in the front row.

This whole scenario has led the US to where the new remedy committing some fundamental mistakes:Consider the Russian Bear now in the hands of the Capitalistic-Mafioso power and therefore away from the great scenery Super Power (forget Stalingrad and 'a big mistake for everyone always), the rso is always awakens and must always come to terms, and in fact is off Russian Tsar Putin, but if it was not him, another one would come. The drunkard Yeltsin periods are over.

Same mistake that the US is committing with China, which on the basis of Russian post Gorbachev tried to integrate it into the capitalist system the US market away from the danger of the Continent Euro-Russian-Chinese.The Chinese system 'been so' integrated that large portions of the debt and Use 'was bought by the Chinese.Brief digression: The Italian mediocre politicians at the service of the US and Germany were to have the same courage to sell government debt to China, by granting them also Italian public company rather than give her enemies the French or Germans.

The real problem 'that China will not be' never Russia but surely this political-economic intertwining with the US soon will become the nightmare of the US, it will be 'the new 1929 depression but a hundredfold.

Be prepared that once the Chinese market will not be able to feed itself and not be 'more' capable of growing, to the maximum in the next 5-10 years the World Economic collapse will be 'so great that the skirmish had in the stock market in early 2016 sara 'only a joke at which point the US will not support the rescue of anyone.

In addition to this new scenario led China to make claims on Hong Kong before and now on its disputed Senkaku Islands between China and Japan.The US could no longer 'block such Chinese claims to the relationships that exist now sprawling with the same country has seriously put at risk those with Japan, which in fact will represent not' more 'the reference in the Asian nation Use.

Let us remember that in this area there is also North Korea suffers grain that although the Chinese and Russian influence, is a vacant nuclear mines throughout the area, which could be disrupted by any mad military action.

Then we have the post September 11 that regardless of conspiracy theories has resulted in the breakup of the old Middle Eastern system.

For Obama and Clinton (candidate at New Prediente the US) the new Middle Eastern reorganization was to take away from the Russians and the Chinese medioriental market.

It had to build a huge area ruled by Middle Eastern violence and pseudo-terrorist was archaic and prehistoric highlanders Afghans transformed first into Bin Laden and today Daesh.

The expected scenario and 'status and not be' more 'implemented for the simple reason that Russia and' came to the straight leg and in the heart of the problem by forming an iron axis with the 'Iran and the Kurds.

This current scenario has displaced the US who have had to tighten more and more 'strong relations with Saudi Arabia, and that' bad reputation in its external economic development and military from Israel who do not actually leans more 'geopolitical choices in the Middle East of the US.Mind you that is not 'little disagreement account because of Israel' may 'act within the United States with a Masonic-pressing political pressure.

Then there is the less difficult and grain that 'the European Union that although integrated into the Dollar Capitalistic system is affected by the grain of Germany and the Middle Eastern situation.Germany and 'anything but a US ally, so that Obama cares immediately of potential alliance with Putin and then is quick to spy on Merkell by Nsa not even leaving out the French for the purposes both of commercial espionage and for geopolitical purposes . The French make economic alliances with Russia by building aircraft carriers also gave unbearable for the US.

Germany and France are not contrary to the axis Euro-Russian-Chinese would put out of the game permanently relegating the US Super Power to a slow decline that could justify a preventive nuclear war.

In Europe there is also the Italian grain that although foolish servant of the US, with political leaders and poultry within the Euro system would never do a war for geopolitical reasons or energy interests.The Italians are too busy to fuck with each other the country, to make them understand that there is an Energy Geopolitics and strategic interest.

The only Italian who had understood and that the US could use and 'was killed by them and it was Matteotti Eni.

To think that a Renzi government can bring down the Libyan quagmire Italy with the consequence to burst the country like it 's never happened in the three republics and' pure illusion.

Italian to make him anything but tell him to make war for a National Interest! I'll never understand, so 'as I do not understand the United States who have a different concept of Geopolitics.

Do not put foot in Libya for the US and 'still a serious risk to all Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, but not so much for fear of Isis, but for the simple fact that a country fragmented into tribal warfare make' unusable large Energy and resources Western suit will make the unstable Middle Eastern area and under can Russian and Chinese risk.

Consider that the US Obama wanted a pluriframmentato tribal and the Middle East, with a large area under control Isis but today this scenario is not 'more' convenient.

Besides, at a time when the US had to fight the terrorists in the world after September 11 they have dealt instead of redesigning the world considering how real enemy Russia rather than terrorists.The reason and 'simple they realized late that Putin and Russia were not finished, he was resurrecting a New Superpower modern, capitalist and militarily strong, able to link up with Europe and China realizing what has always been the US they fought and they fear, the Economic continent and world superpower Euro-Asian.

Obama and Clinton have realized that the danger was not the 4 mountain of terrorists but Russia and so have first tried to block the sale of Russian gas to Italy by imposing (was crucial for our country) to cancel the South Stream, which then the Russians have hijacked to Germany and also here with the outbreak of the war provoked by the US themselves in Ukraine have forced Germany to take a step back once again forcing the Russians has divert the gas into Nord Stream.

Then Russia itself has attempted to sell it in the Middle East to Turkey and the Turkish Stream and also it 'jumped,' cause the US has granted Turkey a more 'important relationship within NATO, money and opportunity' to sell the Petroleum Syrian Isis cashing in black money that would allow him to become the new Middle Eastern Ottoman Empire.

The descent in the field of saving Russia Assad and military supply Kurds Syrians has effectively cracked the relations even with Erdogan that occasionally opens the Immigration tap putting under pressure Greece and Europe.

Dear readers should know that the problem North African and Immigration 'is a consequence of the foreign policy of the Clinton and Obama but it' was wanted in order to weaken the Euro system with the result of destroying a country like Greece cradle of our civilization , which it is in fact fall under the blows Germans and Turks.

Today Erdogan pays the price of turncoats with Russia as well as the shooting down Russian.Erdogan did not understand that Russia and touching as touching the US, a Super Power that NATO can not 'touch, and in fact today Russia activating its sleeper cells pro-Kurdish is creating the conditions so that Turkey itself from falling into a war civil and terror that overwhelm.

It would be better to let the Kurds go to a Syrian Kurdish 'cause less risk within the country rather than leaving the current situation.

In conclusion you have to understand that the world will not be 'a serene period into account that the problem Obama and Clinton were never Terrorists or September 11 but Russia' cause could realize the Euro-Asian continent ousting permanently from role central master of the US World.

That's' cause I argue with Social Network Donald Trump and the Republicans' cause they do not know the Democrats achieve a Geopolitics effective and although the Republicans and Trump are the warmongers paper actually 'experts are also of wars and economics and definitely would realize relations different with Russia and Geopolitics more 'balanced and less schizophrenic.

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