martedì 1 marzo 2016

Trump should fear most 'his party that Democrats

Trump already in the previous round election had had aspirations to run for the White House much to challenge Obama about his birth certificate 'to prove it was incandidabile.

It is currently running in the primaries for the White House and 'turns out to be favorite among Republicans, however, if on one hand the party and' happy from an economic point of view of the serious risk that the same Republican party can end up in the hands of Donald Trump appears to be indigestible to the party leader.

The factors are many first of all prevent the party ends up in the hands of a financial empire Trump.

The Republicans in the party would like Marco Rubio young and 'more' malleable than Trump.

Furthermore it would seem that if the polls were to challenge the Democrats could lose.

In short Trump would do well to worry not so much the Democrats but from the enemies within his own party.

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