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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

sabato 21 maggio 2016

War between France and the US? Egyptian flight hit by a missile from a warplane? Wahington Egyptian attack response?

IS implemented an undeclared war between France and the US that contend a vast area of ​​the Middle East and the Mediterranean.
France has decided to enter a straight leg in question from Syria to North Africa to Libya, interfering in the affairs geopolitical Use and secolorai colonial relationships as in Libya / Italy.
Furthermore, the choice of entering the World Geopolitical game by France has created a kind of break with the US and Israel also as a result of the close relationships that have built up with Russia.
France maintains excellent relations of war and weapons in Syria squinting to Russia, but the main scenario 'that France itself has established intimate relations with Egypt by bringing in this area where in fact the US and Italian acts Russia .
Russia sells weapons to Egypt and France maintains economic relations also selling weapons to Egypt in return holds privileged relations in the field of Energy and Rare Earths.
Al Sisi and France now have done very nervous the US and Israel interfering in Libya.
The reason, and 'very serious so that Italy and' the center of this question 'cause in fact France is breaking secular Eni agreements with the current Libyan government.
The Egypt with Al Sisi and France argue Haftar supporting them logistically and economically so that it does not recognize the Goiverno of Tripoli.
That's why 'NATO with Chief of Italian origin General pushing for military intervention in Italian guide.
From this scenario we can deduce that we are currently in an undeclared war that is going up in level and danger '.
On one side of France, Egypt and Russia, on the other hand the US, Israel and Italy.
The downed plane Egizziano may have been shot down by a missile fired from military aircraft clearly never did get ahold nothing like in the case of DC 9 Itavia unless it proves Russia with its satellites, but in fact has no interest in doing so .
Expect a dangerous escalection of hostile acts not declared and Italy will be 'more and more' at the center of the invisible war.

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