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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 12 maggio 2016

Why 'for Italy and' better to win Trump and the Italian Constitutional referendum

It 'time budgets and geopolitics Obama set according to a redefinition of North Africa and the Middle East, and in fact' failed under all points of view, and now that the Democrats are trying to remedy are facing a very determined Donald Trump and with clear ideas of what to do in the USA in the world so much as to frighten Bildberg groups and Trilateral who have pressure on Republicans Use.
You may wonder what hits you that this topic with the Constitutional Referendum of Italy and Renzi, soon you lighthouse 'understand that very much indeed centers.
The Geopolitics of Obama and so 'been based on a redefinition of North Africa and the Middle East, the natural struggle into account Russia and to Chinese control in order to stop the potential threat that has always EuroAsia and' considered a dangerous threat to the US hegemonic power in the world.
Obama and always 'been in favor of a United Europe and allied with the US, however, this vision and' jumped in the air when France decided to set up his vision of Geopolitics bringing it back in time to the colonial era with a difference that while the US the French were the dirty work crept into the Middle East and North Africa without the knowledge of the United States with a colonial policy which has as its goal the energy resources and rare earths for nuclear.
Therefore agreements with Egypt, interference in Libya against Italy (Case Regeni and kidnapping of Italian Workers) and excellent relations with Russia after the EU sanctions that forced France not sell two aircraft carriers on order finite Russian disregarding the European moratorium passed them to Egypt allowing d 'to establish good relations between Putin's Russia and Egypt El Sisi much to make Russia as the first nation in arms exports to this country.
Of against Germany although spied through Muos Siciliano allowing Obama to know well when sneezing Merkell has operated in full independence by incorporating the weak countries like the Our and the whole of Europe and also with a wink Russia,
Germany and France certainly are not like Italian country, and 'under the thumb of the United States or Germany itself, and that after building, paid bribes and spent a lot of money to build the South Stream that would bring Russian gas into Italy had to say no renouncing the project of fact and 'it was hijacked to Germany.
In this framework or geopolitical scenario have weak Italy with Germany, France dominated and directed by the US.
Sure Renzi has often raised his voice in Europe without receiving listening but that 's been possible grazio to the fact that behind Renzi there' support of Obama and the US.
Renzi is the thorn in the side of Merkell and France on behalf of the US and if today there have been more attacks and 'thanks to the support of the Mossad in close liaison with the US has given some great pointers to our mediocre services colonized by Renzismo .
Renzi can 'raise your voice in Europe thanks to the US but remains unheeded because' Germany and France have their own identity ', and when Dragons and Renzi asked to create EuroBond the Tedesci that are Teutonic have discovered a single document which dates at the time of 'Unity' Italy when the Piemontese government by creating a sort of Euro Bond era did fail former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, which was very rich.
Basis of this insight, the Germans have called Draghi Renzi and mica are fools who go to take the debts of countries such as Italy that would lead them to a failure by the United States hoped Obama.
To me it seems clear that Italy must choose to die in German hands or in the hands of the US for the simple reason that no conditions of men, money and political clout to do by itself.
I personally would stay with US TRUMP and not with the Germans but on one condition that can not 'be that provided for by Obama for Italy.
And 'quite clear that the Parties and the sovereign people always count less in Europe and the world and that the system evolves towards a democratic oligarchy, but I can not accept that to reach this goal in Italy use is made of a non Renzi elected by the people but appointed.
And from a Verdini that today represents the neo Gelli Italian and American neo Letta.
To edit a Republican Constitution as the Italian and that 'was formulated by men of stature and anti fascist fighters it takes a minimum of substantial appearance this to avoid two possible scenarios that Obama has not taken into account.
A Itala with a Constitutional Reform Oligarchy obtained from nominated and compromised politicians from legal proceedings makes the country less credible Italy in the World even to the detriment of the United States themselves, and over time this constitutional change could lead to the dissolution of the Region with an Independence tendency of some of them .
Renzi was necessary to pass at least one vote 'cause in fact may have the votes of a district councilor.
It was necessary to exclude or as in the times of the Christian Democratic People act in the underbrush like Verdini and Company because 'too little credibility for a Constitutional amendment.
In short, these characters chosen by Israel and the US Obama is not acceptable for a constitutional reform but conceptually agree with the choice Use but not that of Obama 'cause bankruptcy.
The proof is that this reform Oligarchy and 'ridiculous that has not had the courage to abolish the Senate because' would never go into port and then came up with the Senate of the Regions with corrupt and suspects and higher than the current ones expenses with aggravating and that 'what the Senate will not help' to anything by growing hatred I lost this policy.
I'm for choice Oligarchy and wire US but with Trump, of which everyone is afraid and who judge a populist when it has clear ideas that could really change the world situation for the better.
Italy must have other more 'credible politicians who can make a constitutional change that would make the new Democracy Oligarchy natural evolution of the system acceptable and credible to the world.
Trump has clear ideas as clear that the NATO and 'expressed in a very decisive, clear and conscious saying that if he become' the new President of the United States with the countries of mania such as France and Germany have to pay financially military weight and not just leave it to the same US.
on Italy also he said some very nice things and clear stating that it must be the nation that is the United States in Europe and the Mediterranean Center with a vision of the upside down boot.
IL North becomes South German Europe and South with Sicily that becomes the military and commercial hub of North Africa and the Middle East.
Trump and 'well aware that he must create in Sicily a political class to be funded that is capable of such vision and who can carry out in Europe and in Italy this scenario with a 50-year-old great political hopes.
Surely this can not be represented by the Five Star Movement that although wire US can not 'act in Sicily firmly.
Bisognera 'sweep the old politicians of the various Micciche', Genevose, Crocetta etc etc who have a local vision and poor of the world.
I still remember when the Chinese were entering in Sicily with clear and specific development projects and Obama opposed all this could change with Trump so much so that the same US is very concerned as to stifle his great skills' on social media, a sort of media censorship by the Bildeber and Trilateral group.
They are certainly not idiotic enough to think to win against the USA but definitely Renzi will have 'significant media issues to be able to win because of my strong media campaign against this Constitutional Reform that although towards the right path can not' be implemented by these politicians.
You have to choose whether to stay with Germany or the US, I am for the US Trump where the vision of Italy and 'autonomous and more respectful.
Certainly bisognera 'see also the issue Britain and' conscious of having to get out of Europe German perish not, we'll see what will come up 'Trump.
At this Constitutional Referendum Vote NO !!! sorry for ordinary people not being able to understand these basic concepts.

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