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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

lunedì 1 agosto 2016

'Cause it's not the best Trump and Clinton; all the secret reports of Clinton. What the people should know Usa.

And 'quite clear that the time between the mandate Bush and Obama gives us a world less secure and more' unstable.

The dual mandate of Obama has turned the United States into a country crossed by strong internal tensions and by an inability to ride the global control of its vassals.

In this very dark scenario, that need for a reversal of the positive world tensions fits the campaign for the Election of the President of Sati States.

This campaign is not 'just the campaign of the American people but involves the entire Western World because' the choice of the new President it also follows the fate of the world.

Who wants World Peace and justice can not 'pull back from the electoral battle Use.

The US election campaign is not 'more' in a globalized world an internal matter but must involve all the Western people.

On that account my support for Trump and 'tolale with a media campaign on Twitter organized ad hoc.

Obama and the Democrats have had two terms to make their harmonious country and the most 'stable planet and instead through their management we deliver the opposite.

In this scenario the Clinton and 'totally involved since he was part of Obama's establishment.We do not get involved with the thought that the woman Clinton could be the first woman to the power of the most 'powerful nation of the world like the US if this choice of the heart ensues a danger of the whole World.

The Clinton and 'expression of the Worst Lobby National and internazioni and warmongering of the Planet.

Lobby that made unstable the US bringing alive the conflicts that were now considered outdated and of the past as the war between Whites and Blacks.

To Planetarium level they have revived what 'was outdated and defunct as the Cold War with Russia and the foreign policy choices and geopolitical imaginative is dangerous.A redefinition of the Middle East puerile and amateurish but 'put kneel Europe.

In this scenario here is that Trump with his power and economic independence and 'a man who speaks both Blacks Whites because you have' talking to the belly of the people become the number one enemy of the secret Lobby and potentates.

The only way to attack Trump and 'defining Populist well as' a friend of Putin.

However sara 'difficult for the Democratic Party overthrow the permission of Trump because it' s a real man speaking to a people of Satti States has always evolved and free.

Trump and 'been a problem as well for the Republican Party who has digested with difficulty.It will not be easy to do so just go to the communist cause 'does not want to return to the days of the Cold War or just' cause he does not want to make other wars to fund the gun lobby.

Trump will be 'a great president for the American people by first solving internal issues without neglecting foreign policy in the knowledge that the United States are the guardians of the world.The World with Trump Populist refilling will more 'secure and the US will be a rich country in equality.

Here those who have unclear relationships with foreign countries definitely not 'the American Trump but Clinton is financed by Israel and Saudi Arabia and thus could be conditioned in the internal and external choices agliUsa.

War lobby support from Islamic countries to the Clinton rpomettono not any good, if I were American fideri me more 'of a patriot as Trump rather than one like Clinton who has already failed.

We see all the events that gave to defeat the Clinton:

1) In 2008 he took part in the primary elections of his party in anticipation of the presidential consultations of the same year; despite polls Eve they see her widely favored.

2) During his time in Congress, openly supported armed intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq, but later criticized the management of military operations by the administration of George W. Bush.

3) Hillary not only used a personal email account for its communications by the holder of the State Department, but to do so he leaned on a server registered at the address of his home in Chappaqua, New York, on behalf of a mysterious identity (Eric Hoteham, a name that does not appear in any public database) .According to the federal law, in fact, letters and emails written and received by federal officials are considered government records and must be collected and stored, to allow congressional committees, but also to historians and the media, to find them.

4) A majority of the special committee of the US House of Representatives has published its final report on the responsibilities of the government (in particular the then secretary of state and current Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton) in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other US citizens in Benghazi during a jihadist attack on the US consulate, on 11 September 2012.

5) E 'author was negatively Mideast Revolutions most notably Libya which favored the French damaging a loyal Partener like Italy, has cracked relations with Turkey is not considering well with Obama the risk Erdogan, has created tension with China and Venezuela.
6) Saudi Arabia has financed over 20% of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. I said, as reported by the Jordanian News Agency Petra, the Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. According to the site writes Middle East Eye, the declaration was then removed from the press agency page. However, a screenshot of the Arabic version was published originally published by ' "Institute for Gulf Affairs" in Washington. That independence can 'have a US president funded by a foreign country by doubts reports of fund Terrorism Isis? you would you trust?

7) Emerge other lenders of the US Presidential campaign of Clinton sprouting countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates sponsors of terrorism. Beware that associacre to US President funders of terrorism could destabilize relations with many countries.

8) In fact, Mrs. Clinton was the architect of some of the duller choices of American foreign policy in recent years; choices that have damaged Europe and weakened the West. The American people should know that with her other children will have to go to distant wars not to secure the world or the United States but only to swell the coffers of such Lobby.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton is the expression of that elite American warmongering composed of intellectual and financial power from which she depends.The US people have a great responsibility towards his children but also to the entire world, is up to you to choose a path that has so far brought disastrous consequences or support the Populist Trump true expression of the People Use, independent of the Lobby looking more 'to the internal problems of the same Americans.

Vote Trump and will save the planet and foolish children.

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