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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 19 agosto 2016

EuroAsia more and more 'incredible neighboring foreign policy Putin's favored once again by Obama and the US.

Putin and the worst case scenario that the US could think was very own creation in time so 'quick Eurasia and an economic market that will put' the US to its knees.

I do not want to go back on the geopolitical horrors Obama and Company, mistakes of mistakes which allowed Putin to go down a straight leg in Syria, Turkey, Iran, creating the conditions for the realization of Eurasia.

Putin with Chinese support and with an increasing interest of German and 'one step of the realization of the most' largest Financial Market and Economic World that put 'knees by Soros, the big economic companies such as Morgan Stanley.

Not talking about tens of years but a few years, if you were to implement a generalized Middle East peace the Area reconstruction would lead Russia and China in three years to implement the Euro Asian market.

This disconcerting and 'that the current foreign policy of Putin and' favored by the Obama campaign Mediatica US, providing a resounding assists to make the gool.

Putin through his Consigliori decided not only to intervene militarily in Syria but also to create chaos and generalized fear.

The purpose of targeting civilians and scare away Isis and 'to generate a new migration flow that might embarrass Europe.

In this scenario, the Western media campaign wanted by the US against Putin favors precisely this strategy.

Personally Obama should try to evitre peace in the area and would mesmerize the media campaign of terror on Syria and on Putin, just 'cause this behavior would favor their own Tsar.

The dream of a great Islamic Nation that had Obama, if you are taking Putin and China, while undermining their own Europe.

The US should avoid precisely this choice of harmful foreign policy and conducive precisely to Putin.

I have to ask those who choose these strategies in the White House? Harry Potter?

Putin pushes for the general chaos, controlled by Russia, and in this context the signals are all there and are so 'clear that Germany thinks also to the creation of a Euro two-speed', precisely to eliminate the most 'faithful US ally and that 'Renzi and PD.

Only in this way Germany and France will be able to make arrangements with Putin for Euro Asia.

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