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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 31 agosto 2016


The failure of the Geopolitics of Obama and Clinton, delivered into the hands of Russia and China on the future of the whole World.
Succeeding in one shot to alienate Great Britain, France, Germany, Turkey and finally Israel.
The question is not 'more' to prevent the formation by controlling Eurasia Europe, the step now and 'passed just to blame the US.
Today we are in a war for the non-military moment but made by Finance which tends to prevent the collapse of the dollar as the world's reference currency.
It's been only 100 years of American history to see the US and the dollar next to a collapse when compared to the Roman Empire we are talking about an insignificant period.
If until yesterday proceeded with technological espionage, fake Arab revolutions coups in friendly countries today do not need and not just more '.
We are now one step away from an Economic and Financial System in case of war very likely defeat of the US would lead to a collapse in the coming months of world markets and a subsequent military response of some kind to prevent the breakup of US supremacy in the world.
Honeycombs to better understand the current scenario and 'this:
On the one hand the US, Saudi Arabia and Italy (controlled by Renzi and PD) and on the other side of France, Germany and Russia.
In this scenario we historians British allies of the US understanding that in time the issue and have broken away from the inputs Use and thanks to Brexit, are now assured viewers of this war that was going.
Saudi Arabia with their money in fact have a specific weight in the Middle East pro US but that 'it leads to a secondary military specific weight indisponendo a historic ally like Israel.
Not to mention Turkey and Iran that thanks to Russia and the Chinese support now controlling the Eurasian passage definitely lost by the US.
From a military point of view the scenario although important in the World Geopolitics appears now outlined but where you play the game in the US and the dollar and 'the centrality of the global economic market.
Before moving on to analyze this factor, we complete the military and territorial vision of Geopolitics Use.
I would say after losing delivered into the hands of Putin's Russia and Eastern EuroAsia the Middle East, the United States have been forced to descend into the Western scenario in Libya.
Even in this scenario they were wrong believing that they can bring to the field as Italy lead actor not understanding that the country Italy it can also check with Institutionally complacent and Masons politicians but can not take it as a superpower at war.
After losing the East and the idea of ​​an Islamic state controlled, it can only go down in Libya, preventing them that Russia and China can arrive.
In fact Russia in the field and 'dropped disregarding the current US-backed government and supporting the French wire after Russians do not trust most' of the US.
From this point of view for the US, and Sigonella in Sicily they remain after losing Turkey last girlfriend a Maginot line.
If only our politicians Siciliani understood the strategic importance for the US of Sicily rather than 'think of the trivial crap of the chair, the history of the State Region would change for each Siciliano.
Sicily is for conformation and strategic importance and 'a nation more' largest in Malta, and that 'donated by complacent Renzi and Crocetta to free the US.
Sicily must be rewarded handsomely if the US wants a loyal ally and must be raised to Region State which is not by the vassal Renzi but with the Sicilians.
But this' other story, returning to the territorial issue Libya and Italy remain the last outposts future of NATO and the United States even if they lose they will lose not only the supremacy of the dollar but also the military, and I dare not imagine that all this can take place in silence the ultimate solution would be a US war designed to restore control of the fulcrum of the world.
As I said the real Official War and 'the Economic no longer' made by States to their Lobby and Corporation under the table, through tariffs and market operations, but it 's a direct war deaths, and that will leave the poor with a collapse of the markets.
This war will be 'done directly from the Lobby and Corporation and will determine' the supremacy of the dollar or the EuroAsia currency.
Just this week the low blows are wasted and are obvious to the most 'careful of Economic and Geopolitical issues.
Just think of the multinational European Sting like Apple and threats of repercussions in Europe which are not more 'so scared.
In fact the meeting of Ventotene on Garibaldi, a visit from Mark Zuckerberg with Renzi are all signals and clear messages for Europe Germanic.
Renzi and PD are the vassals of the US in Europe and dealing with Germany's Merkell and France to Holland.
The British have long understood that children are more no0n Use 'seguibili in their policy and already foresee the collapse of the dollar as the currency of reference so that through India are already' with a look to the new Eurasian world.
Germany and France are already 'with an agreement with Russia and China are just waiting to take advantage and squeeze what remains of Italy and Greece after which offer us only a two-speed euro, a euro in Serie A and series B to take his ball and chain of a vassal country like Italy that with Renzi and Berlusconi have been shown to not be able to play the global game of geopolitics independently.
Berlusconi had thought about it but it 's been blown up too little protected with a country like ours, we can only play the part of vassals of the USA but at least it should be recited well.
In short, Germany considers us already out are just trying to squeeze the Italian Banks financed with our money, and awaits the invasion of Immigrants to put our economy on its knees.
Germany has already taken 'the workforce that served cheap Immigrants now closed the tap and with it the whole of Europe, to us remains the problem that our politicians even knowing they are prone to the wishes of Use.
The war 'is economic war, both military and is played in every way, definitely not the US will be watching Germany and France go to Russia hitting their Lobby and' highly likely that Deutsche Bank derivatives full of short-junkies being blown up by US Lobby.
In Italy who had been silenced as Berlusconi and D'Alema they have understood the game in play, and raised their voices back in the field.
Not 'secret that D'Alema, Bersani, Prodi are friends of the German Social-Democratic Lobby and Berlusconi pays for friendship with Putin.
War will also become policy between Renzi and Monti supported by American lobby and between the old guard pro-European Germany.
I personally would stay only with who makes you feel good Italy and Italian but unfortunately our government is selling off briefly, a loaf of bread and power in front of the most 'great World Cup game in play for the supremacy of the World.
So concluding my analysis we have Britain who returns to the British Empire period putting safe from a dollar collapse, Germany and France through the euro two speed now look to Russia and China.
Now the Russian and Chinese exchanges are in Yuan, or gold waiting for the Euro Asian currency.

Europeans have come to realize the deadly trap them from the US, only Italy and 'compliant to free for the simple reason that we colony with vassals.
Even the scenario Ukrainian and 'now lost for NATO, as well as the issue with the contention of the Eastern Ocean islands.
If the US were to lose the various Soros, all that remains is to use the only resource that still allows him an advantage over the rest of the world and that 'the war against Russia, but political fiction scenario that seemed that if he wins one of the culprits of the disaster Use the Clinton would be possible.
All that remains is hope for world peace on Trump that could change strategy, meanwhile election vacazio Use others working against the United States.

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