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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 18 agosto 2016

The two-speed euro becomes a reality, I I foresaw 2 YEARS AGO. Italy will be 'the sacrificial lamb. Vote No to the Constitutional Referendum

Some of my articles of Geopolitics Economic predicted with about two years ahead of the two-speed Europe ', that prediction has become reality.
Here are the reference articles:
From geopolitical point of view for Italy it would be convenient to Exit the Euro but in fact has neither the strength nor the political stature to do it.
The future for Italy will be 'dark and disastrous, with nothing you can do but suffer the consequences.
The Euro Idea at two speeds and consequently of a Europe of series A and series B, and a 'which is nearing its realization.
Germany and France for some time aimed at this objective and will be the sacrificial lamb 'Italy after having juice to taste.
Unfortunately, economic and political class in the best case scenario incompetent, if not collusion and 'made engulf the most' great swindle of the century and the consequences of this betrayal will pay for at least the next 10-15 years the Italians and their children.
Just to have contributed to the disaster of the Republic, this policy that strives to do the ultimate gift to Europe, with the fracture of the Republic through the Constitutional Referendum should be arrested in life, not having seized the goods to their children and relatives to Alto Betrayal.
The scenario that we will have in 2017 will be 'a europe of Serie A with France, Germany, Holland, Belgium with a strong Euro, and a Europe of the South of Serie B with Italy, Spain and Greece.
This vision that I hinted two years ago (test: are my articles) and today 'ufficilaizata the Nobel Prize for Economics in Europe proposed by the Merkell Germany with the excuse that if we do not it implemented this backdrop Exit countries would be inevitable.
England never would have ended under the clutches of the Germans and in fact with Brexit and 'assured a prosperous and independent future, with only some initial problems; everything else will be 'sacrificial victim of Germany and the peoples will pay the consequences even as the Second World War' was capable of causing.
The recent proposal of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Joseph Stiglitz, which is to provide a euro for Northern Europe and another, of course weaker, for the Mediterranean countries, and is' a proposal but not random calculated by forfeit.
After squeezed thoroughly Italy, Spain and Greece can now scanciarci and all this had been programmed to time and I challenge anyone to bet that the rpogetto be realized with Italy in Serie B.
No wonder for politicians often incompetent in economic matters but our class professors and economists who seem to have the slices of salami sugl'occhi.
Always the Nobel Prizes declares that guilt 'was Berlusconi, Dini and Prodi:
"Prodi, not only did everything to compete at once the construction of the single currency, but, in the most convulsive stages of negotiations aimed on the last devaluation of the lira by focusing on a change beyond the 2000 lire, while German and Dutch saw the our currency around 1900 ".
That's why 'must also reject the Constitutional Referendum is not' a battle of principle, but of life and Economic for the Italian people dead.

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