venerdì 16 settembre 2016


Is 'in a financial war not so much between the US and Russia as one might expect from the deficit geopolitical strategy of Obama and Clinton.

But a war between the US and Germany, a war that does not specifically call US against Europe just because ', excludes the UK and with the now Brexit and' outside the US and Europe and is looking more and more interest to the area of ​​Euro-Asian Russia and China, and excluded Italy satellite colony thanks to Renzi and PD in the US, remains the only German to bargain with the United States.

If yesterday Europe Germanic struck down on Apple through the European Commission asked the House Americana 15 billion euro in unpaid taxes for evasion in Ireland here is to get up a feud that could leave on the ground of major disasters a military war.

The US respond immediately cripple the banking giant of Germany as Deutshe bank threatening a fine of the same amount to that of the apple about 15 billion on subprime.

This war could lead to the collapse of markets and the Italian banking sector if it were to continue, but I believe that in the end an agreement on matters of finance and lobby will succeed 'to do.

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