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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 2 settembre 2016


In the terrible war that is being fought for control of the World between the US and Russia / China exists an imaginary line that is the last bastion, the Maginot Line of the US and NATO that has' suddenly and quickly moved to the East Mediterranean ( Turkey area) in the Mediterranean and West that 'Sicily.

Sicily and territorially I often referred to an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean is a real Country for inhabitants and territory, just think of small island Malta English that effectively and 'Country.

Sicily today and 'indispensable for the US and NATO, is the last border to prevent losing control of North Africa and the Middle East, and with it the trade from Africa.

also it represents the barrier of control over expansion of Chinese businesses that finding the road blocked through the Suez Canal are forced to circumnavigate Africa with a loss of competitiveness.

Sicily and 'barrier and and' Maginot Line of the US and NATO, but also represents the point of communication between Europe and Africa for trade in all sorts of products.

It 'so important that the US itself could do without Italy and its stupid Vassalli as Monti and Renzi, in order to keep control of the island.

The Island that the factual and 'under-used and maintained by the Central Government because' to be considered as Cologne, where the sovereign people has no right to choose.

Renzi and imposes controls on the island on behalf of the United States so as to support the head of the Region as a mediocre man Crocetta.

Taking for their Crocetta balls, Renzi through the game to open and close the tap of State transfers to the Island for years in default for more than 9 billion euros, he imposes the US wishes no one dares raise the index and Just say now.

Just think of the idiocy and the political level that permeates the Sicilian Parliament and its President Crocetta, to understand that 'enough to threaten to send everyone home by default, to convince everyone to sign a waiver of any legal recourse on article 36, Siciliano 37 of the Statute before the constitutional court that he was opening a spriraglio.

Renzi at the end granted a gratuity of 500 million euro which only serve to close the budget and save the chair, that all are happy and content, this says a lot about the thickness of those years sleeping on the benches of the Sicilian Parliament

The Sicilians are a people who like to be dominated because 'for centuries and' dominated by foreign peoples, but many of these geopolitical factors not even know them, and with a regime press everything is covered.

Unfortunately the reasoning that the Sicilian political class does and low local trade, just to keep their electorate, armchair and some favor from Rome and want to be able to deal with geopolitics reasoning and island development.

Yet if the Sicilian politics put aside the interests of the Party and the rooms which would have more 'than ever a great opportunity for development by bridging the gap with the rest of Europe.

Europe's future and 'now marked, we will have a two-speed Europe with Germany and France with a strong euro and Italy with Greece with a weak Euro.

Our Northern Italy will be 'the South of Europe losing competitiveness and development, and the invasion scientifically programmed according to the method he Kalergi males and strong immigrant, will' sink soon all over the north of the country in an identity crisis, of low cost and safety work.

Today, Sicily has the opportunity while staying in Italy to choose whether to become the South South Europe Poor killing even the hope of a better future, or that of becoming builders of their own destiny through direct negotiations with the US, without the services of a player Quiz Vassallo and Toscano as Renzi.

Today the Sicilian policy must produce a President of the Region not anchored to any party but simply from the civil society that can talk directly with the United States without intermediaries low alloy as usual Renzi Alfano or on duty.

Here we are not talking nor independence, nor revolutions would be by amateurs you would end up doing the Vassalli game, but rather we must encourage and facilitate the more 'possible entry and cost of the US military in the Island.

Not 'more' as possible and acceptable that the US use bases in Sigonella to wage war in Libya without asking Sicilian Parliament (since thanks to the Democratic Party, are not even passed by the Italian Parliament).

Today bombards Libya with drones that start from Sigonella (just lurking on the sidelines of the track to see them off) and our journalists are silent.

It 's not possible in a land with no job and the future of the Republic allow traitors to let in Sicily men in full force tomorrow to have a workforce at no cost.

It 's not possible that the US will take a few tips from a few million Euros (about 20 to some politician) to install the Muos that' a system that controls not only North Africa but intercept the conversations of our European allies like Germany of Merkell.

It is the US and their dislocation in bulk in Sicily, but they have to deal with a new Sicilian politics, bringing development and infrastructure and industrial opportunities.
If they will not do this there is a serious risk that out of hand the same Sicily and Libya passing hands also Russian or French and then the loss in economic terms for the US will not be a few billion euro for development ' Island but the final loss of the world geopolitical control and the dollar.

I do not think that suits him and I hope that with Trump in Sicily that it installs a new political force Use wire, which gives spontaneous loyalty guarantees and not bought a tract of bribes and prosperous development of the Island, a synergistic utility opportunities for all .

I insist on the question because it 's top priority for our land and for the same US.

Use galloping public debt, part of this debt 'in Chinese hands and a possible collapse of the market for the dollar's decline may occur spontaneously or because' it will come one day to the surrender of their own accounts with China, why these issues pass World Cup more 'close to Sicily and Italy.

Sicily has a chance, Italy has become the destiny marked in the negative and the Italians do not have realized, they will notice it when it will be 'too late.
It needs a new political force that knows how to seize these opportunities but also a "Great Greece" association that can dialogue with the big corporations and lobby on par.

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