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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

sabato 3 settembre 2016

The US shake the balls to the Premier Renzi on Russia. The Priority 'Obama and Use Tax. Everyone is afraid of Trump except the American people.

Pressure from Obama and Vice President Biden are made to the Premier Renzi to maintain sanctions against Russia at least until it will 'fully implemented the Minsk agreements.
The pressure and 'was made by also time for Libya and for the Immigrant problem that should be managed better and using NATO.
The last period of government Obama and Clinton and 'focused on three main grounds.
Paradoxically such reason were generated by its incomprehensible Geopolitics of this Presidential mandate Obama who bears the signature and Aspirant faults Clinton to the US Presidency.
1) Stop Russia through the European allies, France, Germany and Italy both on the scenario in particular Syria and Aleppo that in Ukraine until at least comply with the agreement in Minsk. The meetings with Obama and Biden and the European leaders are in fact bogus and filled with doubt. The all'Isil struggle and 'been slowed in recent months precisely in order to not allow Russia to take Aleppo, a strategy that in fact' was a failure and that forced the US to fall directly in Libya using the Sigonella base .
2) Stop the Asia-Oceania China that thanks cartel Russia- China is developing fast the global agreement Trans-Pacific sees to compete any country from England to Germany to participate in the meetings. For the US Obama is fundamental to approve the TPP to put a brake on the rapid development of this mega partnershipche otherwise it is faster in port. I fully agree with this position as a strategy, but with the war that is wreaking among Companies Global USA and Europe are likely to find no agreement on the TPP unless the US does not go to the clash.
3) The third key point and 'the need to block every TRUMP cost to encourage the Democratic Clinton and the old system of military and financial management of the World Geopolitics. Trump and 'so disliked by everyone that even within the Bush his Republican Party and other leaders who initially used the money of Trump as a financing system had found themselves having to see Trump does not like a Financing that helps but Republican politicians as a true People's Leader.None of the Political System Democratic and Republican wants, and even the major US agencies such as Morgan and the others are neutral.All against Trump for the simple reason that it is the first leader that the US people want, and certainly not the Lobby that in the American system always choose the President of the United States.Trump to win for these gentlemen would establish for the first time that the People Use can 'choose and not intended as Lobby system.It 'the same fear that bureaucrats Europeans have had for Brexit,' cause it means to explain to the people that you can 'do.

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