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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 14 settembre 2016

The US will choose a real and trustworthy ally and not the useful Italian idiot. I'll explain everything on the World Geopolitics after Brexit involving Italy. An article that everyone should read 'cause Vote No to the Referendum.

Italy immediately after the Second World War and 'always been dominated excessively geopolitical interests of the US, the various Italian governments that have followed have been affected by the historical period in which they lived and even heavy interference of the United States.

Whenever any Government or Italian public figure and 'rebelled to US interests in our country, for personal gain or out of pure patriotic love of the Republic and the Italian people have paid with their lives or in the best case with the end of its policy career.

Just think of Matteotti, Moro, Craxi, Berlusconi are some of the most 'popular names from Italian.
We must not think that this nagging control over the country depends on Italy by the US government understood as top-down structure, that every president is renewed.

Even the American people for organization and 'ruled by an oligarchic system whose top-end figure and' the US president in office.

In reality, those who decide the destiny of the world and the US are the great Lobby and financial corporations and economic organizations that choose the geopolitical strategy that allows him to maintain the supremacy not only military, but more 'important economic / financial.

At every President is only moves the axis of geopolitical and economic choices without actually disrupting precisely the only ultimate goal, which is' to maintain control of their global supremacy.
This short introduction for those who do not know me and those who did not read in my blog earlier geopolitical articles serves as an introduction to understand what is happening in Italy after Brexit.

After Berlusconi, Monti, Letta we got to Renzi that represents nothing more than the US proconsul in Italy.

We Italians we ruled the world with the Roman Empire we know well the figure of the Roman proconsul and efficient organizational machine to dominate the world.

All governments that have followed are nothing more than a kind of negotiation that the US from time to time have established with the "useful idiot" of the moment in Italy.

Mind you we are not the only victims of this World vision of the United States-even Lobby Germany, Turkey and many others I have to extricate themselves from this control work, the only difference is that in Italy and 'more' marked 'cause right level political and ruling class lacks the self-respect to the Republic and then becomes more 'easy to corrupt and bend to the wishes Use our main interests.
They know well the Americans as a people capable of great things, but also prone to treason and easily corruptible, no strategic vision.

When in the midst of such a scenario someone rebels as a single man or as party first one acts through the supremacy of Intelligence through Dossier accusers or in case of irreducible insistence tragic death.

As explained above does not allow you even realize what 'changed after the Brexit and why' the Ambasciato USA, practically the 'official position of the US and' entered a straight leg on Referendum.

Perhaps one of the first times ever, after the Second World War in Italy and the US officially implement a shameless and blatant meddling that smacks of old times, the times of Stalin and former republics of the Russian Union.

You must ask why 'and' so important that the Constitutional Referendum for the United States? and 'why' it exposes themselves with an anti-democratic action towards a Western friendly country, violating the rule of democracy that the US so they advertise and defend the world?

Such a risk run by the United States must have an incredible importance to their Geopolitics unless the disastrous foreign policy of Obama, Clinton is another dramatic own goal again.

I believe that in this case the disastrous Geopolitics of Obama and his experts hit negatively, perhaps giving the last final blow to the Constitutional Referendum, by winning the No.

Two terms of Obama that if from the inside to the country leave some positive things such as health care reform and the exit from the economic crisis, the foreign side in Geopolitics leave more 'insecure world and the worst nightmare of the US: Democrats , Republicans and Lobby, the specter of the realization of Eurasia and the dollar loss of the world-leading role.

Behind this disastrous policy Use Obama Geopolitics fact it is realizing the worst nightmare for the US, the implementation of Axis Euro Asia with a new world supremacy and a new reference currency.
Russia, China, Germany, in addition to countries that have a real sense of the nation as the British that the founding fathers of the US, through the Brexit not only disengage from the US economy line but they make a clear and direct step attending the meeting Euro- Asia recently settling in pole position.
One of the ways through which we understand the geopolitics and 'represented by symbols events are those events that represent a signal a premonition of the future behavior of a nation and its government.

Englishmen with Brexit have said No to the US and Germany, maintaining an equal and competitive alliance that allows it to defend its strategic interests in the world, which can not 'never make Italy.
One of these sentinel events paradoxically not 'represented by Brexit as many might think, who has cracked the relations with the US, (but people like me knew that would make it more' Britain strong and prosperous) the main event and 'on the other hand the participation and interest of the English to the creation of the Euro-Asian area going to the meeting OECD.

After explaining these geopolitical events we can now explain the Italian question and interest Use the Constitutional Referendum.

The United States for the "horrors of foreign geopolitical" made by Obama and Clinton have reduced the presence right where they wanted to strengthen it in the East and the Middle East Turkey and rispostando losing to the West the last barrier to the expansion of NATO Russian and Chinese.
Surely Erdogan is over and it 's just a matter of time the US they will jump, but in this historical phase the last barrier to Russia, and the Euro all'EuroAsia Germanic' is Italy.

An axis passing by Libya and extends to Italy and that is the last wall.

This new scenario has made fundamental Italy and in particular Sicily as a world hub of military interests and geopolitical Financial.

The Constitutional Referendum interests to the US and the Obama geopolitics as the last act of his disastrous Geopolitics although not 'indispensable.

Implement the Constitutional Referendum allows Italy to have a political system similar to that of the United States and top-oligarchic, which allows it to quickly implement agreements, taxation and policies in Italy not as a country but as an ally real colony.

The US is with the referendum, they would have to do only with a direct and referential party.
Whether this referendum steals Democracy to the Italian people, making it more 'corrupt and full of abuses of power they do not care anything.

The US's own interests look and certainly not if a people can be free of injustice and corruption.
When the US made Renzi instead of Berlusconi, this was to implement essentially this task that even the Berlusconi was able 'to complete before becoming crazy pro-Putin.

Renzi does not put our faces on the Referendum, in fact puts us the "Ass" kindly donated to Obama.
Try the shameless support Renzi Obama is not 'just the leg surgery tense US Ambassador on the Constitutional Referendum, but the last event sentry who turned Obama.

The last meeting before the end of his term and 'was the trip to the US of Renzi through which Obama wanted to crown Italy in the world, as the new and main ally in place of the English.

That's why 'Renzi and so arrogant in Europe and with the Italians, does not need the consent having the support of the US protectorate, at least until it will lose' the referendum and will come 'the new President Trump.

However do not think that if the referendum does not go as I hope, winning the No to the US change much, everything remains as it is now, with the usual incomprehensible and exhausting negotiations that the United States must establish not so much with a single useful idiot on duty but with a number of different political figures and financial.

Just think of the war that Italy is trying to do in Libya that occurs between one thousand ploy to avoid alarming the sovereign people jumping Parliament's authorization is unacceptable behavior by the US who want a quick and direct intervention that you can 'implement Italy only through a Government Presidential Republic.

Just to make you understand the US needs a Filodiretto negotiations is not enough as the past one pentapartitica Democracy.

They had to deal with the Christian Democrats and the Socialists, with the P2 and Gladio.
The time is fast and the story changes quickly, you do not need an Italian wringing among a thousand streams is not 'more' acceptable by the US Lobby.

From what we understand why 'the US ambassador in Italy usually limited to sending and receiving dispatches and' exposed on the orders of Obama, directly and heavily and with such interference in a sovereign country, an ally, and Western democratic.

I personally think that this Lobby that claims Obama and Clinton are wrong in everything and that they should go home, you have to change the real American with Trump Texan that while continuing the current geopolitical, can think of a different world and a different Italy, made by a true and faithful ally independent ally and not as a useful idiot to his service.

Vote No, you will make a useful service to the Italian democracy and even the US.

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