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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 7 settembre 2016

Trump could save the destiny of the world, if he wins the Clinton total war would be certain. News' by the G20 to Remo

The G20 and 'was yet another triumph for Putin and China, as well as' yet another debacle of the Geopolitics of Obama.
I do not want to repeat what has been written in previous articles on the new territorial breakdown by area of ​​influence and the possible decline of the dollar, this article analyzes the news' and emerging strategies for the coming months by the various contenders in the field.
Putin pledged all-out to create not so much of the influence areas of doors Russia, but it 's busy with his skilled staff to the redesign of the World, and Euro / Asia as well as' the decline of the dollar.
The G20 has met all the players in the field and the findings you can 'understand the strategy in the coming months.
No agreement on Syria that continues to be the transition zone more 'important in the world to create the Eurasian land mass.
Commitment to the former Russian countries than surround Asia and Kazakhstan area perhaps through some action of dismissal or misdemeanor for resistant.
synergy action to increase the price of oil (and in close proxi months will increase ', you should invest on oil stocks) trying to convince Saudi Arabia to an agreement even in the presence of US pressure.
Venezuela and Iran are already 'agreed to decrease the produzioene raise in price and to facilitate the deal here is that Russia through the Iranian religious leaders unleashed a excommunications war on Saudi Arabia and so on pilgrimage in Mecca.
I will excommunicate unless you do not give in to an agreement on the price of oil, the risk and 'big for Saudi Arabia to stand against the Islamic world.
Agreement with China which continues at full speed and support the contention of the China Sea islands.
Conversely Obama loses and misses strategy supporting Japan and now that 'out of the game World of Finance that passes between China- Russia and Europe.
Also lost in Syria and in Europe, in short, Obama's second term ends with a real debacle Geopolitics.
Putin even manages to meet Netanyahu and convince him that Obama's policy supported by Clinton and 'a real pericolos failure.
In such a scenario it is clear that the image loss, control of the territory and the financial sector threatens the Super Power of the United States, which soon is losing control of all of these scenarios.
Analyzing the situation we understand that the American people have two paths to choose from for the Presidential election.
Those of Clinton hard and fierce, does not know and can not 'continue this failed policy that will take' as the only solution to avoid losing supremacy in the world to a generalized war with so many dead children in the US, or to a second road.
The second way 'to Trump would change totally staff and geopolitical strategy and a good relationship with Putin would gain time and put under control without war and the various spheres of influence.
It lies to the People Use to decide whether to choose the path of destruction and war, or that of the Trump diplomacy.
I would choose to Trump.

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