lunedì 19 settembre 2016


L 'alliance between Russia, Assad's Syria, Turkey and Iran have effectively ousted dall'EuroAsia the US.

Obama after numerous mistakes made with the Clinton now also in danger of being kicked out of ally traitor who abandoned the anti-Assad resistance.

The only way that the US and know that this administration has to remedy the errors and horrors committed 'to use weapons, military intervention where they still have a supremacy over all.

Here then the descent and the guilty will 'interfere and aim the regular government of Syria deliberately killing 60 military Assad.

This will involve 'a high risk of confrontation between Russia and the USA, and that' a charge that the current warmongering government of Obama and 'ready to support.

To divert attention from the crime committed, here punctually a few bombs on US territory.

Of course this will involve 'a countermeasure by Putin and Russia, which will aim at an operation directed in support of the Libyan rebels backed by Egypt.

Libya where our military will defend against higher geopolitical interests.

So before you give way to Trump this obscene mandate Obama works on a war against Germany, Russia and China.

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