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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

domenica 27 novembre 2016


the New World Order there really is not 'nothing but a Financiers Association, Freemasons and politicians among the most' influential in the world that have agreed to support the Theory of Globalization and A free-with the sole purpose of perpetuating full control of power over states through Finance.

The system must not be designed according to well-informed sources as a "unique" powerful gathered in a sort of Masonic Club, but rather as a series of powerful groups that have agreed on how it should work against the World Economy Peoples and Nations Evolute.

We are all in danger, the United States, Britain going from Germany and China, but one of the most 'critical Nations and' Italy.

Organizations that are part of are, the Trilateral commission, the Bilderberg group and another Top Secret.

It 'a World plutocratic system of about 1000 strong.

The real problem 'was that States most' important in the world of the capitalist system; understood as a body they have made soggiocare the Financial System and Industrial managing to corrupt, to his influence and the politicians of the world's top institutions.

Now these are bodies that govern states and Political men who are in fact traitors of the People and sovereignty.

The European Union has greatly worsened this situation just because 'the bureaucrats who occupy key posts in the European Economic Community are serving or are part of the system.

In Italy the names are known, ranging from Mario Draghi, Mario Monti to pass Enrico Letta.

World instead of the more 'important names are Soros and heard even Pope Francis and of course Rockefeller

If the world was going according to justice these bodies should be abolished and confiscated the goods of all the world for high treason of the population but unfortunately this topic and 'pure utopia.

Now all that remains is to observe future scenarios and the consequences for all of us.

Multinational today have more 'power and money of the states and are able to buy any head of state by putting it at the service of a clear strategy.

Certainly the advent of Trump with concepts like stop the savage liberalism and globalization 'was a blow to the system design so' as it will be 'a blow to December 4 in Italy when they lose the son Prodicus Renzi Referendum .

Trump and 'the cause' system if it is not the risk that it may end up like Kennedy did not 'so' pilgrim.

Surely if it promises acting in accordance with bilateral agreements and with a system of protection something could change at least for the United States to Italy there 'salvation too weak and servile to change things.

The New World Order program does not consist of any coup or indeed dictatorial forms of government, the system must be Democratic and oligarchic.

This program includes:

unbridled globalization

Societa 'liberal

Immigration Program

Let us examine in particular some of these elements.

The plan Immigration Europe and Italy really does exist and it 'also published officially, the only difference is that in Italy those who' loaned to obey this project definitely not 'was the right of Berlusconi but the PD Renzi who is also making handsome profits.

Other than racism, hypocrites disingenuous people that if we were in the 40's would have been hanged upside down 'for high treason.

Returning to the program can be found published even the UN:

You can find it here: "Replacement Migration: is it a solution to declining and aging populations? '.

In reference to Italy these crazy provide by 2050 at least 35 million healthy Africans and men, labor force to be used in place of the Italian poor and low-cost elderly.

Keep in mind that at present in 2016 in Italy already 'we reached the remarkable figure of 6 million immigrants so the figure of 35 million in 2050 and' well by default.

We know very well how much damage did the UN and these pseudo organizations that often provide a scenario and then he realizes another to the detriment of entire peoples as happened with Obama and Clinton and the theory of Democracies Mediterranean.

It does not matter if you die a few million people because 'this and' useful to the generational change.

These masses must play a role in how to mix mix different peoples immersed in a poor system that gives sense of safety and healthy work and cheaply mass whose function and 'to achieve a global market where elite' Financial will be sustained in time.

The control and the wealth of the world a few enlightened and all the rest, or to their service or as slaves in 2000.

guiding principle of the new Europe that has to be multi-culturalism, multietnicismo, destruction of nation states, giving rise to the pan-European Super Nation.

Italian citizens are still not aware of what is being prepared behind them, and what level of complicity of governments and national politicians, by senior representatives of the institutions will notice towards 2025 when the will 'project in the middle of the provisions .

Necessary that even in Italy will generate a leader as the Hungarian Orbam 'cause in this project there is' an imbalance between those who subbisce more' and who less.

The right policy and 'nationalism, in the sense of national liberation neocolonial oppression, that exerted in the form of international finance and the European Union with the support of the US to Trump.

The project 'also facilitated by guides that were printed from Europe and are located in the boats migrated from W2eu name.

The only system that could break this World Oligarchy would be achieving at least a new market which in my view would not harm the United States but instead would save from the latter is also the domain of this oligarchy.

Trump should not hinder but facilitate the implementation of the Euro Asia with Russia and China because 'system would make the World less controlled and more' free ensuring supremazione peoples policy on that of finance.

The only one who can 'do and' Putin and Trump.

The only one who had the balls to defend Italy and 'Tremonti was and it paid off one day retiring to private life the story will give him' justice, he has had a long vision than the other.

We see that this system has other projects planned to be implemented without regard to the Nations and Peoples.

Raising chickens as a new generation of young leaders participating in the study and development programs in these organizations, bright young less than 35 years with names and successful track record.

Involved in the system China and Russia in a democratic manner or forcing the economic system.

The future is defined more by chaos and darkness that for order and clarity, and that policies must be shaped accordingly to be agile and to address a number of potential hazards due to forcing the system.

Engaging Iran in the system which has made Obama and Clinton and who rightly Trump has to break.

As you can see are topics and texts that are in the public so just know how to line up and everything and 'clear.

Do not tell you where to find them because it 's top secret but not' too hard are official arguments of Bildberg group dealing in silence but always something comes out.

Facilitate the change of the Constitutions to shape them to revitalizing system Democracies,

Provide also the resolution Israel-Palestinian.

What's really crazy and 'that in theory those who are part of these organizations and has an important political role should resign thing that it did not Mario Monti that still remains the Honorary President for Europe.

Not to mention all those politicians that Europeans now without shame and amazement are awarded to roles that have obvious flaw of opportunity 'as the Spanish Premier Barroso today become President of Golman Sachs.

Not to mention many, many others that are part of these organizations or statti such as Kazakhstan and the casino made in Italy. From Mountains to Alfano.

That's why 'Vote No and' a small act of rebellion against those who betrayed himself and the Republic.

Supporting Trump and 'fundamental.

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