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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

sabato 19 novembre 2016

Center Right Social restart from Trum. I explain how to start and the historical period from after Berlusconi until Referendum of Renzi. They stole Ideals (Appeal to CDX Leader)

The center-right has lost just after the fall of Berlusconi driven his route but not his ideals. 

The fall of Berlusconi, in my opinion even his fault factual and 'been piloted by the International Finance, from Europe and the US German Obama. 

Together with disorcinamento Berlusconi are stolen indeed seized the true values ​​and principles of the center-right that the Finance relies on an appointed full of slogans and 'them Renzi and customs clearance in the left of the Democratic Party which implements them, it has not' able to apply them without the use of typically from Comunisti methods and behaviors. 

Here is that free trade, globalization used by what remains the left of the Democratic Party Renzi and become a dangerous weapon because 'is applied with behaviors from Communist Russia with pillory media and social threat. 

I call this time not as 4 Republica but as the true Democratic Vacazio Right Center Left and the true is silenced probably with the weapon of blackmail and the dossier, and I want to remember that 'the period of espionage of a friendly country, the United States at the hands of Obama and Clinton and the rule of Berlusconi sex scandal and Mps where the old nomenclature of the Democratic Party has his hands stuffed in the scandal to the neck. 

Today this Masonry and potentate Finanziaro awaits the final act the constitutional amendment that says GP Morgan and 'too socialist and in favor of the workers but instead must roll and defend the Banks and Financial potentates. 

That 's why we have to vote No especially we the people of the right center. 

In this scenario we were made to feel ashamed, to state our ideals of center-right. 

The political center-right has chosen two paths: 

1) Preferred power betraying friends and the main ideals that are to be with the people as NDC Alfano. 

2) Or they are hiding 'cause fearful of stating their ideals such as for example, be against immigration, or be for the protection as Trump is doing their national interests against unbridled globalization like the Chinese. 

Remo Chicks I consider myself to be in degrees instead of combining 'split the center-right, starting from some base values ​​of the center-right that in fact are coming up with Trump. 
E 'need to understand that those who now follows the liberalization and unbridled globalization wanted by the Finance and' out of history. 

We must start from Trump with some changes feasible and applicable in our country and that means' moderate values, the real ones, not the center of the centrist Casini. 

You have to follow the trail of Trump being conservative enough, changing with some hawks nostrano our local political Immigration wild and nearly humanitarian purposes except to implement a Kalergi our national plan. 

The Centre Right must start from the people of the base is not afraid to say stop to this immigration, stop this theft of democracy applied by Europe and Finance at the hands of some tradidore pseudo communist at the service not of the nation but little lawful interests. 

Surely we are not all on the same policy, but what unites us and 'history and its direction and ideals that have to go back to being present. 

Those who moves in the middle ground we have put away Berlusconi was also because 'is not' can implement any of the Covenant with this Nazzareno Renzi and this left. 

If the financial potentate wants to deal with the Italian people must do this directly with the center-right and there will be more 'spreed pointed to his temple the right people used as a threat. 

Today Italy and especially Sicily and 'the crux of the new foreign policy and geopolitics of the Mediterranean. 

From Sicily the US Trump will design new governments for the countries of the Mediterranean after the disasters of Obama. 

Certainly the center-right has to find species in Sicily a politician right with global vision and not anchored to the likes Crocetta thinking about their own backyard. 

Musumeci could be a prime candidate besides me. 

From Sicily to Centre Right born 'the new center-right that will be' at the heart of the world by working with US and Trump with North Salvini for a better world and a good deal with Israel and Russia. 

Help me make it happen. 

Remo (Marketing Politico CDX)

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