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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 9 novembre 2016


My media campaigns on social albeit one of many reach with my marketing techniques a large number of people.

In difficult times I argued Trump and in the last 2 days (see my post) gave trump Trump.

To date I have always identified in advance who wins and I've always said winning media campaigns, are the number one company in media campaigns at the level of Political Marketing with Swarm techniques.

The only media campaign which I regret and 'consisted in support for the disappointing and amateur President Crocetta at the expense Honourable Musumeci but this' was the price that Berlusconi's friends had to pay for having destroyed the PDLSocialnetwork.

But let Trump and his US presidency.

The importance of making winning Trump and 'essential for World Peace and the balance Italy's policy.

The Clinton and 'the continuation of disappointing system, accomplice and Masonic rearrange the world and to influence the decisions of friendly countries like Italy and putting supporting Fantocci Government as the PD Democratic.

Obama and the disastrous foreign policy supported by the Clinton gave Trump a world less secure and the threat to Russia had laid the foundations for a Total War that with Trump and 'been averted.

Mind you Trump is not 'and will not be' a soft man or an impromptu man is Finance that foreign policy has a responsibility and a first-rate staff.

With the Trump win the US, the world will be 'more' safe.

Maybe we will have a country like the most 'loyal US allies with countries rather than treating them as patner colony as did Obama and Clinton doing spying on Western leaders and making a support Renzi that all he could do in life except the President Council of a nation like Italy.

The connection between Obama and Renzi and 'an alliance of foundations, masonry and US Democratic Party and Democratic Party today is not.

I hope Trump takes account of the fact that the Democratic Party and Rnezi are intrinsic expression of the relationship with the US Democrats and therefore do not go more 'incurred.

Today the focus of Italian politics with the Trump victory must immediately move from Tuscany to Sicily with a new political force and a man who can support Trump anyway.

I'm happy with the victory that Trump will be 'a great President of the United States and I will work' to remove support for the PD and Renzi shifting center of gravity of Italian politics at the center of the Mediterranean certainly not in Sicily with M5s or Crocetta.

Now I will focus on Renzi defeat and the sound rejection of the Constitutional Referendum and unworthy of the Republic traitors.

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