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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

domenica 20 novembre 2016


Politically speaking Berlusconi was right, you will be surprised by my statement but in fact many of the mistakes made by Berlusconi there 'surely to have betrayed the Republic is doing as the Democratic Party and Renzi.

When Berlusconi He ruled on the French and German pressure, the US had given indications about the problem of the Constitutions too anti-fascist Spain and Italy.

Certainly Berlusconi at that historical time could also fit a constitutional amendment with a chance to lock down his government in Presidential direction.

The fact is that the current Democratic Party for 20 has served up and screamed at Golpe State and to hit the P2 Masonic wanted by Berlusconi to change the constitution.

The danger was so obvious that just search on Google Berlusconi and Constitutional change to find hundreds of articles and videos of current politicians who now claim the Renzi Constitutional reform.

A more 'behavior as traitors to the Republic of "men" whose word is zero.

In fact, the Democratic Party prevented 'such a constitutional change and though the reasons to unseat Berlusconi were many and here is legitimate to intervene France and Germans that causing damage to the legitimate interests of a friend sovereign people and against the principle of self-determination introduced an plan against Berlusconi, against the Republic and against the People Italian, the only entitled to send home Berlusconi.

Our Europe and our French friends with Sarcosy worked against Italy and Italian interests in Libya.

The story and 'gone light years ahead in that period not too far away but even today the people of this Europe that does not represent us working against the Italian people and our interests.

Even today, France, Germany and thankfully former US President Obama have worked against Italy and have found new men ready to betray the Italian Republic and the sovereign people.

Are many to Napolitano, the Democratic Party and appointed Renzi who in order to settle this shit allies and the worst Finance lent themselves to change the Constitution for the worse compared to what he was doing Berlusconi.

It 'also true Berlusconi had lent to the game but to a certain point does not accept the blackmail of France and Germany for a sense of pride and respect of an entire nation.

Today this PD and Renzi with the usual retinue of unmentionable as Napolitano wants to implement a Constitutional amendment which fortunately will lose with a curt No of Italian.

Italy and especially the center-right People should vote No to than in Italy, and to its approach Berlusconi, and immediately after saving the Constitution and sent home the PD and Renzi must start with the Government of the country.

The next center-right that I want is to ally itself only with US Trump and Israel, Europe must be used only as a tool of espionage for the United States the right to return the favor to those who shook our hands with the right and the left there stabbed.

Italians are the interests in the Mediterranean and less in Europe, the Italian Centre Right must rule the country from Sicily and northern Italy with Trump to Europe leaves a secondary role but active 'cause we have to be there but not as submissive as the main actors who enforce in all national strategic policies.

Here this and 'the center-right that I imagine and then all that remains is to vote NO in the referendum against those who declared war unconventional.

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