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Italy for four years now lives a Democracy suspended in a clear framework Golpe Democrat endorsed by supranational organizations such as the European Community and some foreign State to which they are provided at best Campieri proconsuls or assumptions that have betrayed the Italian people for interest disguised as strictly personal needs of Globalization and freedom policy.

Four governments now not elected by the Italian people and endorsed by the Quirinale, for instance by the Presidents of self Republic.

After nearly four years, from 2011 to 2015 for technical governments and elected by no one still speak of justification and constitutionality, bend the Constitutional and Parliamentary Law for personal purposes, excluding the Italian people and 'always an act undemocratically Enemy of the People .

We see the perpetrators of this coup:

Government Monti Mario Monti was asked to form the government by Giorgio Napolitano, four days after his appointment as senator for life. So despite being an elected official, his biography devoid of political activities in the strict sense it made him look substantially more than as a politician, as a so-called 'technical'

The composition of the Council of Ministers was announced by Mario Monti November 16, 2011, simultaneously with the dissolution of the reserves assignment entrusted by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano November 13, 2011.

Author of the massacre of riforma_delle_pensioni_Fornero.

Government Letta The task of forming a "government of broad agreements" was given to Enrico Letta from the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano

The composition of the Council of Ministers was informed by Enrico Letta April 27, 2013, simultaneously with the dissolution of the reserves assignment entrusted by President Giorgio Napolitano 24 April 2013

Renzi government Matteo Renzi was commissioned to form a new government by President Giorgio Napolitano February 17, 2014, three days after the resignation of the president of Enrico Letta, the government Monti was born from sabotage to the Berlusconi Government, followed the Letta government to get to the Renzi government to which now the new President Mattarella (ignoring the light signal emitted from the polls on Constitutional Referendum where people want to go to the Italian sovereign rating) it will follow another illegitimate.

Renzi not only not 'never passed from the polls but also in the Democratic Party and' arrived at the Secretariat of the Presidency with strokes of Chinese Primary.

The result of these non-elected governments and 'a disaster on the shoulders of people at risk Italian poverty' and which 'made lose the dignity of the People, by contrast these illegitimate governments have worsened the country by not implementing a single thing of what was promised by Spendig Review to esodati.

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