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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

sabato 31 dicembre 2016



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Italy under pressure with nine banks that fail stress tests.

German banks have emerged largely unscathed, with only technical failure, while Spain has no weaknesses. (Then the German banks are free if not for technical problems)

Italy has nearly 700 banks, which employs 310,000 people in 33,000 branches. The total assets of the banks have € 3.5tn, valued at 225 percent of gross domestic product.

Throughout the euro area, about 25 banks have emerged capital deficiencies following an attempt at regulation.

The biggest failure was Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which has already hired bankers at Citigroup and UBS to advise on its options after receiving public purchasing approaches.

political scandals, corruption and inability to charge the Italian Democratic Party are the cause and the business card of the country in Europe and worldwide, making it as one of the most 'Corrupt nations of the world and first in Europe.

Founded in 1472, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena is the oldest surviving bank in the world. He received a state bailout (now different plans with public money literally thrown out of the window while our Italian suffer)

In Italy and 'third largest bank by assets which has since been the subject of the third rescue plan in four years, as a scandal over the alleged use of hidden derivatives to hide losses.

Italian officials say the country can not afford another failure as it struggles to emerge from a crippling two-year recession.

The Bank of Italy is urging the nation some of the biggest lenders to raise capital in the markets to build a buffer against possible loan defaults and strengthen investor confidence

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS), which had a € 2.1 billion capital shortfall of the net harvest this year,

Italian officials have tried to minimize the blow to the MPS, saying that if the refunds in respect of state aid to the restructuring plan brokered by the EU were not included in the exercise, MPS deficit was smaller, at € 1.35bn.

People familiar with the matter said Monte Paschi, which is the subject of a state bailout, was considering whether to raise its proposed capital increase from € 3 billion to at least € 5 billion. (As it happened)

In a statement, the bank said it was evaluating whether to increase its capital raising for an unspecified amount "in the light of the credit quality review parameters set by regulators and discussions with the regulatory authorities." (Failed because 'anyone who is not speculator puts us money)

Citi analysts said that if the increase in capital has risen to € 5 billion, the move would be "a significant negative for the stock, and could result in a demand for big capital to the market that is higher than the mercatocapitalizzazione". (As now occurred and waste of another 10 billion euro public by the PD)

The capitalization of Monte Paschi market now stands at € 2.6 billion, having fallen by nearly 80 percent over the past five years, in the midst of a series of missteps management and governance - which included the purchase of a local rival Antonveneta at the peak of the financial boom for € 9 billion.

Goldman Sachs estimates that the overall deficit for the Italian banking sector is at a midpoint of € 17 billion, or € 23 billion at worst.

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA (BMPS) posted a seventh consecutive defeat on bad-loan provisions and reorganization costs, as the saved-out lender moves to clean up its balance sheet before the European Central Bank stress tests. "

Monte Paschi, the third largest bank in Italy, has had a net loss for the fourth quarter of 920.7 million euro ($ 1.3 billion), down from a loss of € 1.6 billion a year earlier the Siena-basedazienda said today. The stock rose as much as 4 percent as investors focused on improving revenues and declining costs.

Chief Executive Officer Fabrizio Viola is preparing a sales quota for just May to help repay a state of 4.1 billion euro rescue. It also plans to cut jobs and sell assets to return to profit by 2015. Milan trading yesterday as investors looked past a record 15 billion euro quarterly loss and bet a budgetary cleaning and

8,500 job cuts will increase the profitto.Monte Paschi has renewed an agreement with the banks, including UBS AG and Mediobanca SpA, to organize its own share of 3 billion euro of vendita.Il its main investor, Fondazione Monte Paschi, forced the company to delay the offering of shares from January through May as it tries to find a buyer for its stake in the bank and strengthen its finances.

The foundation held 29.9 percent of the Monte Paschi out of 10 March according to a statement normativo.Monte Paschi, one of 15 Italian banks whose activities are under review by the ECB, and recession continues for more than 20 anni.La bank set aside € 1.21 billion for bad loans in the fourth quarter, more than double the 511 million euro of provisions contained in the previous three months.
 (Bad debt attributable to Italian financiers close to the PD)

Monte Paschi, engulfed in legal probes of alleged bad conduct by former executives, is turning to investors after ilCEO agreed to partially reimburse state aid this year to win EU support for its restructuring plan. (And today we receive new state aid) .

Europa had hoped for Renzi to implement the reforms and saving MPS skipping the will of the Italian after his failure with another coup and complicity of the new President of the Republic, and 'was awarded the is the Referendum, in fact we should liquidate the bank and set up an external commission of inquiry to the Judiciary to verify the faults also Policies if you conoscono.


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