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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

giovedì 26 gennaio 2017


World 'changed now and not in six months, there is a gulf between Obama had planned with his global system of finance and banks a virtual wealth, liberal, and overall that gave rise to Isis, the Finance and Banking hierarchy above the work of the People and the actual production of the Enterprise and the vision of Trump.

Between Obama and Trump there is a chasm of difference, a abbisso space-time that in a second distances the 100-year history.

Now the world and you 'converted to real wealth, just the virtual wealth of Banks and Finance Soros style you pass to the real production of wealth based on the analysis of technical Companies.

And 'passed from globalization to protectionism, from liberalism to conservatism.

You are drawing a better world for all where Nato is useless and where every nation must create jobs for their own people, just Nations designed by strategists crazy that draw a Middle East with Islamic States, Nations and Peoples ruled by speculative Banks and corrupt that they do not create wealth, but rather the fleeing to the People.

Trump has changed history and then there is the system that thought to a different world or adapt reverting Marchionne as the new master or refuge saving time and not for long at the place where this system survives and that 'the Europe of Merkell, which ruined Nations such as Italy, Spain and Greece.

Then there is the third way that deadly attack in which Trump certainly 'possible but that would not change the history of design.

Europe and 'dead should be dissolved and you have to go to Europe without the global economic agreements Nations.

World history sees Russia, China and the US, is no longer needed 'NATO, do not need a Europe of banks and does not serve the Islamic state who are circus sideshows exceeded

Now it serves the nation as a central place of Local Government that focuses on the sovereign people.

Italy is not only '30 back but persists in trying to stay out of the story preparing Dragons government that will not do' nothing but permanently destroy the country.

Sicily is a affranchi Prsidente that has a globalist vision of Italian scenery.

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