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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

martedì 7 febbraio 2017


Dear readers already know me in many both as a politician and as a Marketing Expert Social Neuronal of Geopolitics expert.

My predictions often are recognized reliable and I have to say unfortunately sometimes sinister.

My predictions often anticipate many months if not years later what happens.

This article is part of the latest news of European policy is to clarify a scenario that as usual I had anticipated in very difficult times years before.

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And for many years that I say that the only salvation for Europe of the banks and 'a strong Euro to two speeds which includes France, Germany and others and a second division which includes Greece and Italy.

Now that it says Germany many are convinced but unfortunately 'late even for this scenario had to be done for a long time.

About two years ago I was saying that the Europe of the banks and of Germany would have speculated and sucked the blood to every last one, and then when there 'more' nothing to squeeze abandoning the weak to preserve their lead with Europe at two speeds.

Now that Trump says what the sovereign people has long been known, this and 'a German Europe our traitors to the Republic to start by Prodi, to come up to the present day they realize that perhaps the whole and real.

The scandalous and 'see some posts from politicians who have ruined the country and that ancoras did not understand a shit about what you have to do.

A post by Enrico Letta speaks two-speed euro and the need to stay in the first set, well this and 'the classic demonstration of how our politicians and especially the PD have not understood anything and how they could not save this country 'cause mediocre.

Italy if anything has to go in the second group the most 'weak' cause Italy has always fooled the Germans only when it was devalued and exported to plunder its products.

The only way 'will pay the Germans otherwise in Serie A we we can be but the price it will pay' the Italian people while weak countries like Greece and Spain would be saved.

Are crazy incompetent, believe me.

Fortunately the scenario expected with Euro 2 speed could also jump 'cause the wind World Geopolitical created by Trump is fine to Putin's Russia and China.

The populist wind could overwhelm everything just to win the Le Pen and this shit of Europe melts and even Italy must 'choose this path mica want to' stay the colony as in World War II Germany.

In Italy we have never had statesmen or politicians capable when you are 'created the Euro was easy if the past is to understand that Germany would chew everything and everyone.

Do personally for the populist wind in order to eliminate these Bureaucrats and Politicians culpably unable to defend Italy, or in the worst case, go with confidence in Serie B because 'we can compete with Germany and France safeguarding our interests.

Dragons and all the rest are nothing more than mediocre bureaucrats at the service of the Stranger and not of the Sovereign People.

Also look for articles on NATO where two years before I predict that now the superpowers act like Russia without external organizations save valuable resources and therefore NATO is not 'more' useful and if you want to keep Bureaucrats Military every country that is part of it will have 'pay a good share.

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