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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

lunedì 5 giugno 2017

Because All the Great Britain Attacks are born from US fears for Euro Asia by Remo Geopolitical Pulcini

The current situation of the global geopolitical scenario is changing with Trump but not much.
Obama and the Global Governance system had foreseen a reorganization of the World through the destabilization of the Middle East and the creation of a great Islamic state that should have led to the only great fear of the United States.
A terror of the financial system managed by Soros that is the creation of a Euro Asia that puts out the US dollar more than the US itself.
To do so was to design a way to the above Obama, but the facts have gone differently to the resistance of Assad's Syria, the Russian descent in the area has created a revolt of the project previously envisaged.
Today we are in an evolution dictated by the moment, the Isis now relegated to defeat and blocked in Mosul is not defeated by the USA just because it serves him for the dreaded scenario.
Currently, the US has two US President Obama pulling the rows of the system that supported him and Trump, who always aligns with the same system, tries to change the scenario.
The fear that China can economically invade Africa and Russia to join with Europe makes 90.
There is nothing left to keep up a piece of Isis that can bring the Attacks, fear and destabilization in Europe without leaving a field open to Russia in Syria.
Trump was clear about closing their borders and invading Europe thanks to the only ally faithful left in Europe that is the Italian of the Taliota Renzi.
Trump was clear he wants a weak Europe and a weak Germans.
Obama and Soros did not want Old England to come out of Europe and join the World Bank of Emerging Euro-Asian Countries.
But one knows that England is a superior people and it would never have been put under the broom of Germany, but that made it very annoying to the USA.
That's why Italy is quiet about the Terrorist attacks as long as we are useful and indispensable to Trump and the US there will be but a few crazy insiders and would be troubled by the unmanaged and unprepared way of how our Institutions and we People are accustomed to.
I do not mean that they are organized in Britain to use it would be too stupid but the fact that Isis is kept alive to run the Free Lance of Terrorism favors the Attacks.
Everything arises and ends with a consideration to block the Eurasian area, making Europe united but unstable and insecure.

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