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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

mercoledì 26 luglio 2017


Italy has not yet dissolved and disintegrated after Berlusconi's twenty years and the short but most disastrous period of Renziano with a left which has tried to misunderstand the typical libertarian system of right-wing governments has not been known.

Berlusconi served the power system to the detriment of the Italians, but not having been allowed to implement the reforms of the foreign power system was disarmed, giving the relay to the pseudoscience of Renzi that devastated the country even worse than that of Berlusconi.

Italy is out of the modern world and from Europe just go to any Eastern or European country to understand how far back we are and will not grow again.

The power system that suffocates Italy is multiple, on the one hand, we have the internal level made from harmful behaviors that only look at personal interests and that are implemented with corruption and the advantages for a few close ones this first level is connected with a higher level Political one serving the third and far higher system made by European interests divided between Germany and France on the one hand, and on the other by the US and Israeli control.

The Party of Renzi who wanted to americate in the likeness of US Democrats completed the work of destruction of the Sovereign People and when it is said that the worst enemies of the People and the Workers are the left people who no longer exist 'And' pure truth.

The project of higher geopolitical interests is to break down workers' rights and certainty of work then to be invaded by African slave workers who will serve the power system in the form of no guarantees and harm to the Italians.

Throughout this scenario, if some hundreds of thousands of Immigrants die, it is an indispensable collateral damage to the cause of these power systems devoid of any sense of humanity.

This mid-level view is used by second-level friends through the golden affairs of the Italian People and the Immigrants themselves.

We will have less work, less security and more social disruption in the third and final phase when business is over and the number of Immigrants who have invaded the country will be in the order of 10 million.

Here's all this elaborated desktop layout, to which treacherous men of the homeland and their children have lent like the PD and other parties who rule for a bunch of beans.

The world's project is that Immigrant workers will invade Italy as a labor-free hand, and Africa will be available to the Chinese who have built ghost towns for their workers in all of this world finance will govern the world and the world Country Italy will live a period of obscurantism comparable to the post Roman era of the Middle Ages.

In this scenario, from the shameful political representation of Italy, there is also the Libyan strike on the part of the French who shows how ambitious and incapable this Gentiloni, Minniti and Mogherini are, if not traitors of the country.

We have stolen all the Germans, the French and the USA perhaps the English have respected us more and now we will also lose the value of Finmeccanica because the French who should be declared military war will be allowed to save their yards in the face of liberalization and Of how many strategic industries have been stolen.

Shame on Traditors!

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