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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

venerdì 2 febbraio 2018


DECIDE WHO TO VOTE? DECIDE A POLITICAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN? I asked these questions to myself and I extend them to my friends and readers who have been following me for years.

We state that there are two spheres or levels of measure a level of Program or Strategic and at present no party say no one has had the ability to mink who for years have departed as the German of Merkell, or the French not last of Mrs. May English.

We will deal with this topic in depth later.

Then there is a lower level that the whole Italian of the eternal struggle of the armchair end in itself for the usual personalistic Italian vision to make their own interests or "own cocks" sounds better and friends Lobbysti.

This armchair hunt does not hold dignity not because of the passage from right to left political conceptions overcome by history but for the simple reason that they make pacts with everything and everyone, from corrupt, to mafia, from international lobbies, to Israel and USA.

Ready to sell themselves wives and children in order to maintain a power that is an end in themselves without a concept of the common good.

Having said this we must think that Italian History is a lesson in life and a fault that the Italians have is to forget the Past.

I'm from CDX but today if I have to say if it's possible VOTE BERLUSCONI, MELONI AND SALVINI I have to say No, a twenty years of huge failures and crap that the country has cost dear species in terms of Moral and Civic Education.

Needless to list all the filthy legislation made by the Berlusconi government just go on you tube and look for the relative years.

It is then possible to vote for a Pd that no longer exists and that was certainly stolen by means of a file on the MPS scandals by Renzi.

Yes Renzi the one wanted by Berlusconi with the Nazzareno pact that without having been elected by no one has dismantled us on the German and Obama order art. 18, which has now imposed the Boschi, which gave 100 billion to the Italian Banks that were closed I nationalized and who wanted to change the Constitution without the consent of the People.

Yes that Renzi who promised to go home after the No, then save the word of white man.

It remains the M5s, which could actually be voted if it were not that the system congenial to me because 'at the time I had created PDLSOCIALNETWORKS presents a birth with some doubt of international influence and because' as the PD Primary the system of choice of candidates it is not really clear.

From this point of view better Berlusconi who chooses, period.

And so who Voting, the only possibility is VOTE NEW PEOPLE, people who have never made a mandate for a normal rotation of the politician.

Certainly some of the old nomenclature is saved, for example, although with serious legal problems I Voterei Formigoni, for the simple reason that during its Regional Government Lombardy grew up remaining the first Italian Region for Services and Wealth.

I would vote in my city Nino Germanà because a person who has worked well in the territory.

Surely I would not vote who stole the future of our boys, who does not have the word, who has no dignity, who sells for money, who sells to the foreigner for these not the vote but condemned to the eternal Exile.

I would have also seen Ex Minister Tremonti well and certainly not that mediocre professor of Monti.

In short, as you will have understood my media campaign will not be 'but if ever I decide' in favor of a group will be 'short 15 days and will affect' around 5%.

The real problem of Italian politics is the mediocre business vision that leads the country to be out of the European conception of the modern nation.

A SERIOUS PARTY AND WITH A WIDE INTERNATIONAL RESPIRO SHOULD LEAD TO THE BASIS OF ITS PROGRAM a Europeanist vision of defending Italian interests in a systematic and programmatic way, as they have for years been the great European Nations and not in a scattered order.

Only by starting from this higher interest will it be possible to apply and understand the internal scenarios such as Immigration and an international politics of Obamiama style now outdated.

Nobody even the great economists have yet understood that in Europe necessarily the strategic policy imposed by Sorsos, Merkell and Obama has failed.

Trump is demonstrating to the whole world that electoral promises can be maintained even if they do not like International Financial Potentates.

TRUMP HATED and mocked by everyone and I say all in a short time will be praised by the detractors first among all the Journalists and Journalists as well as the award-winning Economists of our arid Italian universities.

The global equitational policy is that of the protection of workers, labor, duties and taxation in the event of relocation. Sanctions against China and the protection of the human heritage of a nation as an identity Nation with the total blockade of Immigration. Trump is a People's Man who defends the US People and their Nation, certainly not that mediocre and 'guilty of wars and poverty as Obama and his European clique that goes from Renzi ends up at the ECB. It is necessary to start thinking big in protecting our interests, making them impose in Europe to everyone. I conclude with the sensational case of Cassini President of a Commission investigating the Woods and that candidate before the end of a semblance of the conclusion absolutely deficient on this is the Meloni, which must be rebuilt the investigation, in the PD.Esiste a value higher than the law, which is the decency and morality that would require Casini not to apply for and to the Boschi as well and for that reason the PD should not take even 1% so as not to get the armored Boschi.In all this panorama we have a Journalism that except the Daily Fact and 'now a kind of work that must not see but must receive orders from Berlusconi and De Benedetti that thanks to insider trading has pocketed the money of your bank accounts. This is the picture of a wonderful country made up of shit people who do not like the next and the Nation, but who loves himself and perhaps some relatives like his son. A Nation destined to float constantly in the mud of Italian evils. Remo Pulcini

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