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Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

Riparte la mia attività politica e informativa sul blog di remo pulcini seguitemi

martedì 28 agosto 2018


Geopolitics is fundamental to understand how the priority interests of the various Governments change for the Peoples.

The Mondialist System conceived by Obama and the financial world, which saw Europe as a friend against anti Putin, and which envisaged the African revolutions of the Mediterranean with the creation of an ISIS Islamic state has fallen and with it also the local systems of power.

A Europe full of immigrants according to a Kalergi plan to create national peoples enslaved by an economic and labor system based on globalization, precariousness, insecurity strongly conditioned by a financial economic system not based on work but on banks gives way to a change Sovereignist and Nationalist.

The failure of a world geopolitically thought of as the last 20 years and as supported by Obama, Europe, Italy PD and Forza Italy and 'total and finds its end with the victory of Trump that is completed with the death of Mc Cain great patriot USA but with an absolutely wrong view for having followed the indications of this supra-national system based on an Economic / Financial order convinced of being able to put the Peoples to sleep and subject them to a system governed by a few.

We could call them traitors to the nations, but in fact the scenario is a mixture of military geopolitical interests of global control and interests based on an economy that creates virtual finance and economic suffering for peoples.

Salvini in his small and 'on the same historical line of Trump, today under attack by a previous system now rejected by the story that is still not convinced that it' ended definitely.

Trump is under attack as Salvini from this system that tries in an undemocratic way to eliminate them through Impichment or Spreed.

Trump has a different Mondialist Geopolitical view based on the Work that produces true economy and finance, on a Nationalist and Sovereign conception,

A vision that does not see Putin as an enemy but rather China and Obama's Germany, as a possible danger to national security.

Trump is doing nothing but implement the program promised to his constituents in the election campaign and the same is doing Salvini and Di Maio.

So it was not for Obama and Renzi, who in the last case has not even been voted by anyone.

In Italy we do not want to understand that the old parties PD and Forza Italy have been driven out of history and that Europe must be completely dismantled and removed from the hands of Germany and the European Bureaucrats.

Remo Pulcini

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